2014 TAPPI PLACE Extrusion Coating Course

Here is a form letter you can copy, update and forward to your supervisor for approval to attend the Extrusion Coating Course:

Subject: TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course in August

Dear (insert Supervisor’s name),

I am writing to request permission to attend the TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course, August 12-14, 2014 because I believe the course provides an opportunity for critical technical training and networking which can help us improve our extrusion coating operations and gain a competitive edge. TAPPI is one of the few centers offering training in a specialized area like extrusion coating taught by experts who have worked in the industry.

The slate of instructors scheduled to lead the sessions for the TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course represent decades of experience and leadership. With their guidance, I’ll be able to explore best practices and equipment technologies that apply to extrusion coating applications. Attending this course is the next logical step in our efforts to more effectively troubleshoot and increase our productivity.  The course offers face-to-face opportunities to accelerate learning at a faster rate than we can by using online learning, reference books or manuals alone. A few benefits include:

  • Good Training Investment – A single tip from this training could pay for the costs of the course
  • Learn from Experienced Instructors from the Industry – TAPPI course instructors are all industry experts 
  • Share knowledge With Our Team – bring back ideas and solutions that can help other team members 

I can review the course schedule with you so you can see what relates most directly to our work and can help to improve my individual skills, as well as those of my colleagues, resulting in greater contributions to our company’s overall success.

You can also take a closer look at what I can bring back to the company by attending the TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course here

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and please let me know if you need additional information on specific Course opportunities and activities. I look forward to your positive response to my request.


(Insert Employee Name)