“I think this has been one of the most accessible and inclusive conferences, in terms of helping take an often complex subject and translate it into something that you can take and run with within your group. I’d recommend designers go to this event if that’s what they’re seeking—processes and tools they can start using right away, and people that they can meet who are working through similar challenges.”

– David Sherwin, Director of User Experience, Lynda.com

The HOW Interactive Design Conference, now in its fourth year, offers a design perspective that allows the entire creative team—designers, programmers and developers—to work together for a cohesive, effective and elegant design solution. You’ll walk away with skills and concepts you can use to advance your career and work more effectively with the other members of your interactive design team.

  • HIDC speakers are expert practitioners actively working with companies on their web design. And not just any companies—they've headed up drool-worthy projects at Google, Fitbit, Twitter, GE, Anthropologie and other major brands. They'll walk you through their processes, design thinking and design decisions they've made along the way.
  • You'll build your own interactive design support network. At HIDC, you'll get plenty of time—at happy hours, breakfast roundtables, meals and more—to make valuable connections you'll rely on long after the event ends. You'll never have to unravel a tricky web design dilemma all by your lonesome again!
  • HIDC is produced by the team behind HOW Design Live. So you know you're in for useful, career-boosting education—plus plenty of design inspiration and friendly networking.