Interactive Course 3D in Gynecology

SUGGESTED POSTERS DIMENSION : 100 cm high x 70 cm wide (Portrait)

  • Instructions for presenters

  • All abstract presenters must pay the registration fee ONLY after confirmation of their abstracts acceptance.

    1. The title of the abstract must be entered in capital letters (maximum 100 words)

    2. The text must fit entirely in the rectangular space allotted on the form. Make sure the whole text entirely fits       doublechackin the last word on the original paper

    3. Lines must be single-spaced.

    4. All fields must be entered.

    5. Log in data refers to those of the First Author.

    6. "Authors" field need to contain first author name too.

    7. All authors' names and first author's name must be entered as follows: INITIAL. Surname (e.g. J. Smith).

    8. In case of more than one affiliation please indicate them in the proper field, following the order pointed out for each of the authors.


    Authors: J. Smith 1, F. Lewis 2, A. Burton 3

    Affiliation: 1 Saint Paul Hospital, London, UK; 2 Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK; 3 Oxford University, Oxford, UK).

    9. Please note that the abstract needs to be structured and to include the following sections:
    a) Introduction/Background
    b) Patients and Methods
    c) Results
    d) Conclusion(s)

    10. Case reports constitute an exception to this, and these should include the following sections:
    a) Introduction/Background
    b) Case report
    c) Conclusion(s)

  • Abstract acceptance

  • All accepted abstracts are assigned to either a oral or poster presentation session at the discretion of the jENS Scientific Committee.

    Abstract acceptance notification will be sent to the abstract's applicant.

Mounting of posters

The number of your poster will be convey by email and shown in the author index of Scientific Progam, which you will receive at the registration desk.

Please pay attention to hang your poster on the poster board which report the correct number.

Stickers will be provided.

Removal of posters

More information soon