2023 Hercules Orion Conference

HOC 2023 Registration

Registration Is Now Open 

NOTE: NO REFUNDS for Exhibitors and Sponsors after Sept. 14, 2023 

Sponsorship Instructions:

When registering for a Sponsorship you can enter your complimentary attendees during the registration process. Please use the individual's email address so they will get a copy of the registration. If you do not know who will be attending at the time of registering for your Sponsorship you can still complete the registration and come back to the website at a later time and register your attendees. 

With the email addresses and reference numbers, individuals will be able to modify their attendee information only. The primary registrant for the Sponsorship will be able to make changes to all attendees within that registration. If you have any questions, please call the Lockheed Martin Customer Support Center at 770-494-9131.

NOTE: When paying by credit card, please ensure the following:

  • Name on credit card matches
  • Address used for registration matches the billing address where the statement is sent
  • Type of purchase is authorized
  • Purchase amount is not over preset limits

We would like to provide the following guidance regarding attire at the Hercules Orion Conference (HOC):

  • Attendees at the Hercules Orion Conference (HOC) are expected to dress appropriately for the event, keeping safety and professionalism in mind. 
    • Some types of clothing are never appropriate for the HOC environment.  Outlined below are some examples of appropriate and inappropriate attire for the event. 
      • Appropriate professional attire may include: dress slacks, khakis, polo shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, blazers, dresses and business suits.
      • Inappropriate attire includes: tattered or baggy clothing, extreme attire, offensive slogans, clothing which bares midriffs, tank tops, halter tops, mini-skirts, low-cut tops, flip-flop sandals, slippers and closting with writing or pictures inconsistend with a professional, respectful workplace. 


Last Update: October 8, 2023