Annual Audit Conference - The Future of Internal Audit: Let the Exploration Begin…
Various Speakers
0 [More Info]
0Wale Akinwande [More Info]
Senior Vice President & Chief Auditor
S&P Global
0Arion Cheong [More Info]
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Stevens Institute of Technology
0Walt Clyde Frazier [More Info]
NY Knicks, Former
Joshua Goldsmith [More Info]
Chief Auditor of Enterprise Innovation
Niall Napier [More Info]
Senior Vice President - Co-Head Internal Audit Engineering
Goldman Sachs
Grant Ostler [More Info]
Industry Principal
0Susan Panzer [More Info]
0Eleonora Pechenik [More Info]
Chana Rubel [More Info]
Associate Director, Internal Audit and Financial Advisory
0Sameera Tata [More Info]
Director, Head of Mobility Internal Audit
0Esha Uppala [More Info]
0Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi [More Info]
Director of the Rutgers Accounting Research Center (RARC) & Continuous Auditing & Reporting Lab (CAR Lab)