IFCEE 2015
SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION ONLY (For Exhibit Space see Exhibitor Tab)

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

(Costs are based on an estimated 2,700 persons attending IFCEE 2015)

Keynote & Lectures

Opening Ceremony & Keynote Address                    Seed Lecture

Wednesday morning                                                    Friday afternoon

Cost: $7,500 -SOLD                                                   Cost: $7,500


O’Neill Lecture                                                 Terzaghi Lecture                 Peck Lecture

Wednesday afternoon                                       Thursday morning                 Friday afternoon

Cost: $7,500                                                       Cost: $7,500                         Cost: $7,500



Tuesday Welcome Reception  

This event has averaged 800-900 attendees. Company recognition and sponsor signage will be prominent during this event, located in the Indoor Exhibit Hall.

Cost: $500 and up per sponsor (Value of Event: $60,000)

Keynote Welcome Breakfast

Open to all Full Conference registrants. Your company’s name will be displayed promoting your presence at the conference.

Cost: $6,000 per sponsor (Value of Event: $30,000)

Wednesday Outdoor Reception 

This event has averaged 800-900 attendees. Company recognition and sponsor signage will be prominent during this event, located in the Outdoor Exhibit Area.

Cost: $500 and up per sponsor (Value of Event: $60,000)

Indoor & Outdoor Lunches 6 Available (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

You will be listed as an exclusive or co-sponsor of a lunch of your choice that will be served in both exhibit areas. Company recognition and sponsor signage will be prominent during these events.

Cost: $6,000 per sponsor (Value of each Event: $40,000)

Final Night Reception 

There isn’t a better way to wrap up a fantastic week! Your company will be recognized with signage at the entrance of the reception. 

Cost: $4,000 per sponsor (Value of Event: $20,000)

Final Night Dinner

The Final Night Dinner and Dance is an evening to celebrate a productive week. This is a great venue for your company to be recognized by all!

Cost: $6,000 per sponsor (Value of Event: $60,000)

Final Night Entertainment

The right band, the right mix of attendees creates the perfect ending to a perfect week. 

Cost: $5,500 per sponsor (Value of event: $12,000)

Coffee Breaks – 14 Total, 13 Available

Choose a coffee break, Wednesday through Saturday and you will be the hit of the Conference. Both morning and afternoon breaks are available and will be located in the indoor and outdoor exhibit areas. Your company will be listed as a sponsor on signage at each break that you select.

Cost: $3,000/per break

Other Opportunities

IFCEE 2015 Conference App - Overall Gold Sponsor (1 Total)  SOLD

Sponsorship includes:

- Launch screen logo

- Watermark on the schedule

- Picture in the App store

- Free Banner & Landing page

- Free video package

- Specially Colored Booth on map

- Highlight color on Exhibitor list

- Weighted banners

Cost: $7,000

IFCEE 2015 Conference App - Silver Sponsor (2 Total)

Sponsorship Includes:

- Specially Colored Booth on map

- Free Banner & Landing Page

- Free Video package

- Highlight row color on Exhibitor list

- Weighted banners

Cost: $3,500

Over-Flow Hotel Shuttle Sponsorships (4 Available, 1 SOLD) - $5,000 per shuttle

   - Shuttle Sponsorships get your company logo riding to IFCEE with the attendees

Cell Phone Charging Station

Get the attendees’ undivided attention while they charge their cell phones. The charging station offers clear signage and 12 charging tips. Sponsor benefits include your company name and logo that is featured prominently on the station, as well as rotating video clips images/ advertisements you provide on the screen.

Cost: $7500 Exclusive                       

            $2500 Per Company for Non-Exclusive

Conference On-Site Program Advertising

Full Page Color Ad                              $1,400

Half Page Color Ad                             $1,050

Quarter Page Color Ad                       $   800

Preferred Positions

Inside front cover                                $2,500 SOLD

Inside back cover                                $2,500

Outside back cover                             $3,000 SOLD


Banner Ads - 6 Total, 4 Available

Make your presence known by showcasing your company name on the IFCEE 2015 website from March 2014 through the end of March 2015. A direct link to a website of your choice is included.

Cost: Web banner ads $1,800

Lanyards- SOLD

Put your company‘s name along with the IFCEE 2015 around the necks of over 2,700 attendees. Show Management will coordinate the on-site distribution of lanyards. Price includes production.

Cost: $6,500

Conference Notepads/Pens SOLD

This opportunity puts your company’s logo in the hands of all full conference registrants and gives them a useful take-home memento reminding them of your company throughout the year. Price includes production.

Cost: $6,500

Conference Bags - SOLD                                         

The perfect way to brand your company while providing a means for attendees to carry their IFCEE 2015 goodies. Bags will be distributed to all full conference registrants. Attendees will carry your company name around the conference, promoting your participation at IFCEE 2015! Price includes production.

Cost: $6,500

Hotel Room Key Cards - SOLD

Your company logo will appear on the hotel guest key cards. Don’t miss your chance to have attendees acknowledge your company every time they use their room key.

Cost: $7,500

Window Wraps – 4 Total, SOLD

Create a sensational display advertisement or logo on select windows outside

of the Indoor Exhibits area. A Window wrap will put your company first in mind as attendees enjoy their IFCEE 2015 experience.

Cost: $1,500/per window

“IFCEE Express”– 2 Total, SOLD

IFCEE 2015 covers a large ground area, and the IFCEE Express comes in handy throughout the week to provide assistance in getting around the outdoor exhibit area. As an “IFCEE Express” sponsor, your logo is highly visible. Carts will operate Wednesday through Saturday during show hours.

Cost: $3,500/per cart


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