FICEMS Meeting June 2022




Wednesday, June 8, 2022

1:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Virtual Meeting

Washington, DC


General Meeting

1:00-1:05    Welcome, Introductions, Opening Remarks      


                                Jonathan Greene, Deputy Asst. Secretary for Preparedness & Response

                        Director, Office of Emergency Management & Medical Operations

                        FICEMS Chairperson       

1:05-1:10    Approve:  Meeting Summary [December 8, 2021]


                                    Gam Wijetunge, Director, NHTSA OEMS

                             Director of the Office of EMS, NHTSA

1:10-1:15    Department of Defense Update

                        1:10     Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

                                    Elizabeth Fudge

                                    Supervisory Program Analyst, Health Readiness Policy & Oversight

1:15-1:35    Department of Health & Human Services Update

                        1:15     Health Resources & Services Administration

                                    Theresa “Tee” Morrison-Quinata

                                    EMS for Children Branch Chief, Maternal & Child Health Bureau

                                    Division of Child, Adolescent, & Family Health

                        1:20     Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response

                                    Jonathan Greene

                                    Deputy Assistant Secretary & Director,

                                    Office of Emergency Management & Medical Operations


                        1:25     Indian Health Services

                                    Darrell LaRoche

                                    Director, Office of Clinical & Preventive Services   


                        1:30     Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

                                    Christine “Chris” Kosmos

                                    Director, Division of State & Local Readiness

                                    Center for Emergency Preparedness & Response


                        1:35     Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

                                    CAPT. Skip Payne

                                    Director, Emergency Preparedness & Response Operations

1:40-1:50    Department of Homeland Security Update 


                        1:40     Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office

                                    Pritesh Gandhi, M.D.

                                    Chief Medical Officer, EMS Program


                        1:45     United States Fire Administration

                                    Richard Patrick

                                    Director, National Fire Programs Directorate

1:50-1:55    Department of Transportation Update


                        1:50     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

                                    Nanda Srinivasan

                                    Associate Administrator, Research & Program Development

1:55-2:00    Federal Communications Commission Update 


                        1:55     Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau 

                                    David Furth, J.D.

                                    Deputy Chief, Office of the Bureau Chief

2:00-2:05    State EMS Directors Update


                        2:00     State EMS Directors Update

                                    Steve McCoy

                                    EMS Bureau

                                    Florida Department of Public Health

2:05-2:45    NHTSA Office of EMS Projects Updates

                        2:05     COVID-19 Healthcare Resilience Working Group Update; 988 Update;                                         Mental Health & Suicide Prevention for EMS

                                    Kate Elkins

                                    EMS Specialist, NHTSA OEMS

                        2:10     COVID-19 First Responder Deaths

                                    Dave Bryson

                                    EMS Specialist, NHTSA OEMS

                        2:15     National 911 Program Update

                                    Brian Tegtmeyer

                                    National 911 Program Coordinator

                        2:20     NEMSIS Update

                                    Eric Chaney

                                    EMS Specialist, NHTSA OEMS

                        2:25     National Roadway Safety Strategy – Post Crash Care

                                    Gam Wijetunge

                                    Director, NHTSA OEMS




2:30-2:55    Technical Working Group Subgroup Updates

                                2:30     Evidence-based Practice & Quality Subgroup

                                    Diane Pilkey, DHHS HRSA | Max Sevareid, NHTSA OEMS


                        2:35     EMS Data Standards & Exchange Subgroup

                                    Rachel Abbey, DHHS ONC | David Millstein, DHS USFA                                                                                    

                        2:40     EMS Systems Integration & Preparedness Subgroup

                                    Tee Morrison-Quinata, DHHS HRSA | Gam Wijetunge, NHTSA OEMS

                        2:45     Workforce & Safety Subgroup

                                    Greg Williams, DHS USFA | Dave Bryson, NHTSA OEMS

                        2:50     Education & Training Subgroup

                                    Michael Stern, DHS USFA | Clary Mole, NHTSA OEMS

3:05-3:15    Break – 10 minutes

3:15-3:20    National EMS Advisory Council Update

                                    Jonathan Washko, Vice Chair, NEMSAC

3:20-3:25    FICEMS COVID-19 Response White Paper Project Update

                                    Mark Sigrist, Energetics (NHTSA OEMS)               


3:25-3:30    Public Comment

3:30-3:45    Committee Round Table Discussions


3:45             Adjournment