2022 IDCON Courses

What Does IDCON, Inc. Do?

IDCON Inc. is a uniquely specialized management consulting company that works to help organizations increase production reliability and lower manufacturing and maintenance costs.


While the traditional maintenance approach focuses almost exclusively on equipment, IDCON's philosophy emphasizes achieving results through people and the processes in which people work.

What Others Say about IDCON's Courses like these...

“Great seminar, I would recommend this

to all industries. The focus is right on!”

Maintenance Supervisor

Longview Fibre


“This training provided the tools needed

to provide reliable equipment through

the combined effort of operations,

maintenance, and technicians to solve

real world issues.”

Maintenance Supervisor



“The training was great, I wish my entire

plant could have this training.”

Maintenance Manger



“A fantastic structure with a

knowledgeable instructor.”

Maintenance Planner/Reliability Engineer

Graphic Packaging


Excellent!  Well worth the time and money.”


Xcel Energy


“Common sense solution to

complex problems.”




“I have been in operations most of my

career. If only I’d come to a class like

this 15 years ago; my stress level would

have been much lower and our operation

much improved. I could have made a

better contribution to my operation.”

Maintenance Superintendent