IVEC 2022 Exhibits and Sponsorships
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Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.specialized in advance development advancing the state of the are in high power RF sources, RF components, and computational tools.20
Lucas MilhauptLucas Milhaupt is the most diversified vertically integrated brazing alloy producer in the United States. We melt, process and fabricate alloys which allows us to offer our customers high quality product with shorter lead times and reduced risk to supply disruptions. Our team of metallurgists, chemists, and engineers can help solve your biggest operational challenges through brazing process improvements.10
Spellman High Voltage Electronics CorpSpellman is the world’s leading independent supplier of precision DC high voltage power supplies, X-Ray generators and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial and scientific applications where performance, robustness and high reliability are crucial. Our catalog of robust, high precision, ultra-stable custom and standard products are the perfect choice for the vacuum electronics industry. They can be used for such areas as electron beam systems, charged particle beams, accelerators, ion implantation, thin film deposition, and proton therapy, among others. For more information, visit our website: www.spellmanhv.com or contact sales@spellmanhv.com.12
TeledyneTeledyne MEC, located in Rancho Cordova, California, is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high power broadband Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) for radar, EW and communications applications. For 60 years, our TWTs have been used in military and commercial uplink systems throughout the world. Our diverse product offerings include CW, pulsed and fast warm up. We continue to build on our legacy with new products including a versatile, compact TWT that operates at Ka and Q Bands.8