Volunteer Info


Would you like to be a Stitch Craft Create Live Volunteer?

We will need Volunteers to help in the area of registration, workshop classrooms, crop party help, door greeters, Michaels' Learning Pavilion helper, and more. Volunteer shifts are in 3-4-hour blocks of time (consecutive hours only) and may require long periods of standing at certain times and the ability to lift 20-40lbs.
All jobs are important for a successful show.  While we do our best to place you in your preferred area of interest and preferred day and time slot, we cannot guarantee specific shifts in specific areas. If you are working multiple shifts, we will make sure that you do not overlap your shifts, and you are allowed breaks for eating and shopping!  Please make sure you consider your shopping/workshop schedule before you choose your volunteer options to make sure there is no overlapping on your schedule.

We have available volunteer shifts as follows: (applies to all positions) 

  • Thursday Morning, Afternoon or Evening
  • Friday Morning, Afternoon or Evening
  • Saturday Morning, Afternoon or Evening

We appreciate our Volunteers!

As a measure of our appreciation, each Volunteer will receive a One-Day General Admission Ticket for each day they volunteer if all volunteer responsibilities are met, you have stayed through your scheduled shift and you have signed in and signed out of your scheduled shift. General Admission tickets will be given to you after you have completed your volunteer shift.  ( We suggest that if you are going to volunteer to work a shift, that you DO NOT purchase your general admission ticket until you have been notified of your scheduled volunteer shift(s).  If you are not chosen to volunteer, you may than purchase your general admission ticket.)

In return, we ask that you:

  • Have a happy attitude!
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Stay throughout your assigned shift. (*** You must sign in and sign out of your shift to be considered for reimbursement.***)
  • Help the teacher in the classroom in any way necessary.
  • Understand that you will not be able to work on a project in the class.
  • No use of cell phones, texting, notebooks, gaming systems may be used during scheduled shift

To apply, you must proceed through the registration process. There is a Volunteer option during the registration process. (You can register and not purchase any items, but you must register to become a Volunteer) Positions are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to approve all volunteers.