2013 TAPPI Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course
The TAPPI Linerboard & Medium Manufacture Course is designed to:
  • Increase participants’ understanding of linerboard and medium performance properties and how they are achieved  
  • Build confidence in interacting more knowledgeably within the mill, with suppliers, and with corrugators  
  • Improve manufacturing operations, and produce a more competitive product.
Participants will learn about: 
  • Increasing understanding of corrugating process operations, equipment, terms and variables, starch fundamentals and application.The focus is on how to achieve a good bond in the corrugator, and how liner & medium can hurt or help that process.
  •  Increasing understanding of linerboard & medium properties & tests, and how these relate to the final box performance, and also how the liner and medium affect runnability on the corrugator. 
  • Increasing understanding of the effects of pulp & papermaking manufacturing processes on linerboard/medium.  
    • Fiber types, Kraft & NSSC Pulps, and Recycled Fibers  
    • Effects of Chemical Additives including, Basics of Wet End Chemistry, Dry & Wet Strength Adhesives, Retention, and Deposit Control                              
    • Optimization of Stock Prep Refining                               
    • Paper Machine Operations                                            
    • Headbox Performance                                              
    • Sheet Forming & Wet End Operations                                              
    • Pressing, Drying, Calendering Operations  
    • Forming, Wet Press, and Drying Fabric Considerations                                            
    • Surface Treatments 
  • Developments in Printing and Demands on Linerboard
Who Should Attend?
This course is ideal for process engineers and operators in linerboard and medium manufacturing facilities and converting plants with a more intermediate background. Chemical and other suppliers will also benefit from this course.
For those participants who require an overview background on corrugated and pulp and papermaking technology, there will be an optional one-day  Seminar on Monday, August 12, prior to the beginning of the main course on Tuesday. This supplemental session is intended for corrugators, new P&P mill and supplier personnel, and those without exposure to pulp and paper operations.

Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the course, participants should be able to:
  • Describe and define linerboard and medium manufacturing processes, equipment, variables, and terminology, in order to improve operations and product quality.
  • Recognize how one part of the process affects other operations in order to increase thinking on a mill wide scale.
  • Interpret how process variables affect linerboard and medium sheet structure and properties, in order to troubleshoot variations in product quality.