FT Global Renewable Energy Summit
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The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.  IRENA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity. For more information please visit the website.>> 

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AltEnergyMag is an eMagazine full of News, Articles and Interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy industry, with an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization.

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Blue & Green Tomorrow wants to support innovative businesses that balance the needs of the planet, its people and our prosperity. We aim to provide our readers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices without prejudice, scaremongering or greenwash. We want the world to be as blue and green tomorrow as it was yesterday. We believe that everyone can play a part and anyone can make a difference. Not by going back through misplaced nostalgia to some bygone age, but by striding out to a bright new future in which we take advantage of the new approaches that can improve our quality of life, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. For more information please visit the website.>> 

Carbon Credit Capital is a leader in capturing benefits of carbon finance in order to deploy greenhouse gas reducing projects and clean technologies. CCC, through its operations in the U.S. and India, works with international and local partners to identify, develop, certify and finance emission reduction projects and renewables.
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Clean Energy Pipeline, the online daily news and data service, is the leading independent source of news, data and analytics about the Clean Energy sector.  Clean Energy Pipeline's news team delivers real-time business news and identifies the latest and most relevant regulatory and policy announcements, investment, M&A and project finance news, new funds and fund closes. This news is supplemented with opinion-pieces based on in-depth interviews with senior-level executives, advisers, investors and policy-makers. For more information please visit the website.>> 

  Climate Change Capital Limited is an investment manager and advisory group specialising in the opportunities generated by the global transition to a low carbon economy. It advises and invests in companies that recognise combating global warming is both a necessity and an economic opportunity.

CCC manages funds with c. US$1.4 billion of commitments and aims to provide attractive returns to investors, demonstrating the financial opportunity associated with a low carbon economy. For more information please visit the website. >>


CMIA is an international trade association representing firms that finance, invest in, and provide enabling support to activities that reduce emissions across five continents. CMIA's international membership accounts for an estimated 75 per cent of the global carbon market, valued at approximately USD 120 billion in 2010. For more information please visit the website.>> 

The print and online resource for the traded commodity markets: Since 1997 they have been developing their expertise and market connections to provide commodity market professionals and the wider investment community with dedicated research and intelligence on the commodity complex. As well as the published magazine, their online presence – commodities–now.com – provides updated news, key press releases, data, charts, research and reports dedicated to these markets. For more information please visit the website.>> 

Today there is no shortage of information on issues related to energy – magazines, newsletters, national newspapers, email newsletters, dedicated Internet sites – the list goes on. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a newspaper dedicated to providing forward-looking reporting on the key issues driving this exciting sector. At last, an easy way to keep abreast of the latest news in the power and energy sectors – from a source you can trust. For more information please visit the website.>> 


ENF is a fast-growing renewable energy information company. Our company has the world’s most popular website for information about companies in the photovoltaic industry. We have two value-added core activities: industry directory – providing a PV company database with more than 17,000 PV companies; Market research – profiling companies in PV industry. Our website has more than 200,000 visitors and 1,000,000 page views per month. All these make ENF a true PV industry resource, with each service expanding in as many as 8 languages.

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Interfax Global Energy Services Natural Gas Daily, pdf publication and website provides news and analysis on the global natural gas industry, including political, regulatory, and economic issues. Drawing on the resources of parent company, Interfax, the news team delivers exclusive, accurate and up-to-date natural gas intelligence on developments in Russia and the Caspian, as well as all global regions including Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Natural Gas Daily content is written by experienced energy journalists as well as local regional experts. The editorial team is committed to delivering the most incisive commentary, and full and accurate coverage of global natural gas and LNG news and events. For more information please visit the website.>> 


Mergermarket is an independent Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) intelligence service with an unrivalled network of dedicated M&A journalists based in 56 locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and Africa. Unlike any other service of its kind, Mergermarket specializes in providing forward-looking origination and deal flow opportunities integrated with a comprehensive deals database – resulting in real revenues for clients. For more information please visit the website.>>

    NRG Expert is an independent energy market research and intelligence company. The company specialises in energy market research reports, energy market databases and energy consulting as well as detailed financial analysis and market forecasts. NRG Expert provides high quality research and data which is often hard to access elsewhere. The data and analysis produced is provided to the world’s leading companies, consultancies and government bodies, giving them the data and statistics they need to make tough, cost conscious decisions about their energy infrastructure, energy projects, and energy business development strategies. For more information please visit the website.>> 

Renewable Energy Database was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Since the beginning our mission was to make the rapidly developing renewable energy market more transparent and to promote the most recent and efficient technologies in the green energy sector. In 2012 with over 20 000 visitors monthly from 97 countries it is one of the major global renewable energy platforms participating in the global transfer of knowledge in the green energy sector. 

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  Revolve is a hybrid media bringing together digital and print features with video and 3-D expos to provide an interactive and quality experience.

Printed quarterly in Brussels, capital of Europe, Revolve distributes at national outlets as well as at top energy/water events and art expos around the world.