Annual Meetings 2021 hosted by AAR & SBL
Simulive and Pre-recorded Videos

Simulive and Pre-recorded videos FAQ

Simulive and Pre-recorded Presentations

This year, we are pleased to introduce an exciting new feature of the Eventpilot platform that we will be using for the 2021 Annual Meetings hosted by AAR and SBL. Simulive is a way for presenters to upload a pre-recorded version of their paper or presentation so that it can be viewed by any meeting attendee during and after the session. This allows presenters to create a version of their presentation that is exactly how they would like it to be from the comfort of their own home or office in advance of the conference. It also gives all presenters the chance to share their work as broadly as possible, as even presenters who are participating in in-person sessions can share their presentations with virtual attendees.

How does it work?

Simulive works by sending out links ahead of time to the presenter for them to upload a video file that is the length of their presentation in the session. During the scheduled session time, those pre-recorded videos become available during the specific presentations time and track the scheduled presentation. So, if an attendee opens a session 10 minutes into a presentation with a Simulive recording, the attendee will start the presentation at the 10 minute mark and track the presentation according to the scheduled time. After the scheduled presentation time is finished, the entire presentation becomes available for asynchronous, on-demand viewing in the meeting platform through 31 January 2022.

This sounds like extra work for me to record my presentation. Why would I want to do this?

Pre-recording a presentation certainly involves extra work. However, there are several reasons why your presentation will benefit from doing so.
1. You get to make the best possible version of your presentation on your time. You are in control of the recording process, so you get to make the best version of your presentation without having to worry about the last-minute technical problems that can arise during a live presentation.
2. Pre-recording your presentation can improve your presentation in the live session. The process of pre-recording means that the live presentation will not be the first time you have done a full run of your presentation. That additional practice can make an enormous difference during your live presentation.
3. Pre-recording your presentation makes it available to the widest possible audience. Pre-recorded presentations, whether a part of an in-person or virtual session, will be available to all attendees. For papers with pre-recorded versions, attendees do not have to worry about conflicts with other sessions or time zone problems. They can view your presentation on their own time.
4. Pre-recording creates a lasting record of your presentation. By uploading your presentation, you are making it available as a part of the meeting platform through 31 January 2022. But that doesn’t have to be the only thing you do with the video. You can choose to use your recording in other ways as you see fit. This might include using it in your teaching, uploading it to a personal YouTube channel, sharing it with friends and family, etc. As the creator of the content, choosing how else to use your recording is up to you.

I am a presenter who would like to make use of this feature. What do I need to do?

First, you need to make a recording of your presentation on your computer (see the question below for more detailed instructions on that). Once you have produced your recording, wait for an email from ATIV software in late October with a link that will invite you to upload your presentation. Once you get the link, you will be able to upload your file. The platform software will take it from there. Please note that if you are presenting multiple times, be very attentive to upload the correct video for the correct presentation.

How do I make a recording of my presentation ahead of time?

There are many programs that can record a presentation, including within programs like PowerPoint, video conferencing software like Zoom, or even using more advanced software dedicated to this purpose like Camtasia. The most important thing is that the final file is in MP4 format, is equal to or of less time than the time allotted to your presentation, and is less than 200 MB. The external links below show some helpful guides for various options. If you are already familiar with a specific program that you use to record, for example, teaching lectures, you can use that software as long as it produces a commonly accepted video format.

Within PowerPoint:

Recording in Zoom:

Camtasia (more advanced, paid software):

Cloud Convert (online tool to convert other formats to MP4):

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure that the length of the video does not exceed the time allotted to your presentation in the program book. Videos that exceed the allotted length will not upload into the EventPilot system. We also recommend starting the recording and waiting about three seconds before actually beginning the presentation, as there is sometimes a brief transition period during the Simulive broadcast. The final video must be in MP4 format and be less than 200 MB.

I am presenting in a virtual session. Can I also pre-record my presentation?

Yes, although the process for uploading a pre-recorded video will differ a bit. Unlike the Simulive videos associated with an in-person session, pre-recorded videos associated with virtual sessions are simply on-demand videos. We also recommend that you still do the presentation during the live virtual session in order to facilitate better conversation. Still, uploading a pre-recorded video for a virtual presentation is a great way to share the best possible version of your presentation for other attendees to view afterwards, as they will have on-demand access to your video after the scheduled presentation time.

I am scheduled to present in an in-person session, but I am unable to travel. Can I use this for an in absentia presentation?

Yes, pre-recording is a great way to make your presentation available if you can’t travel. You can even make use of EventPilot’s discussion feature to interact with other meeting attendees about your paper. Please be in contact with the chairs of your program unit about the logistics of the presentation onsite. Please note that presenters who will be using in absentia presentations must maintain a meeting registration; a virtual registration will be accepted if you will not be traveling to San Antonio.

Is this available for affiliate/RSO sessions?

Yes, this is an option for presenters in academic sessions sponsored by affiliates/RSOs (i.e., sessions with a “P” ID). It is not available for Other Event sessions unless those sessions are hosted by an affiliate/RSO.

What about discussions?

For virtual sessions, we recommend that you continue to plan on a live presentation precisely so that discussions with the presenter can be a part of the session. For presenter who will use the pre-recording as an in absentia presentation in an in-person session, we recommend using the discussion feature in the app/online planer as a way to carry on extended conversations about the presentation.

Is uploading a pre-recorded version of my presentation a requirement for participation in the conference?

No. Presenters are not required to upload a pre-recorded version. However, we hope that as many as possible will see the benefits doing so will have for their own presentation and to other meeting attendees.

When is the deadline for uploading a pre-recorded video?

For presentations associated with in-person sessions, please upload video no later than 12 November to ensure that the file can be made available for the session. Video can be uploaded after that date, but they may only be available for on-demand viewing after the session is finished.

I am a presider in a session. Do I need to pre-record something?

Presiders will receive an email inviting them to upload a video just like any other presenter according to the amount of time allotted in the program. However, we recommend not doing so unless your role as a presider includes an extended introduction or something similar.

I have more questions about this. Whom do I contact?

Please contact if you are presenting in an SBL session or if you are presenting in an AAR session.