Virtual Annual Meetings 2020 hosted by SBL & AAR
What online platform is being used for the meeting?
We are using a virtual planner powered by EventPilot, the provider we have used for our mobile app and desktop planner for several years. This platform allows us to coordinate and manage the sessions, and it allows you to access sessions and their information via the mobile app or desktop planner. EventPilot integrates with Zoom, which will host the sessions themselves.
How do I access the virtual planner?
You may access the planner at our EventPilot web page or via the SBLAAR20 mobile app, which is available in the App Store and on Google Play. You can browse information about sessions at any time, but you must be logged in to customize your schedule, attend sessions, or view them after the live presentation. To go to links to these pages, please go here.
What do I enter for my username and password?
Your login credentials are your registration reference number and your last name:
Username = registration reference number
Password = last name
To log in, click the “Login” link in the upper right corner of the planner, and enter the above information in the pop-up window.
I don’t know my registration number. How can I get it?
You can find this number in the confirmation email you received after registering.

What is the time zone and how do I display the schedule with my local time on the Virtual Meeting app or Desktop planner?

The current times on the mobile app and desktop planner are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

You can export the schedule into your calendar, and that will show it in your local time. First, save your events to your schedule, either in the app or desktop calendar. Then, for the desktop planner go to Agenda>Dowload My Schedule. For the app, you will go to the Schedule>pull down menu in upper right corner (three lines/Hamburger menu)>Export Schedule.
Will there be technical support available during the Annual Meeting?
Yes, there will be a technical support assistant in each session.
Do I need a zoom account to participate or attend a session?
No, you do not have to have a Zoom account either as an attendee or a participant.
How do I join a session as an attendee (not a listed participant)?
You will need to be logged in to the mobile app or desktop version of the virtual planner using your registration number. Once logged in, you can join sessions directly from the virtual planner and access any recorded sessions by finding and selecting the session and then clicking the “Join Virtual Session” or “Join Webinar” button. The Join button will only appear five minutes before the scheduled start time of the session.
How many people can attend a given live session?
It depends on the type. Meetings, labeled “Virtual Sessions,” can have up to 100 attendees. Webinars can have up to 500.
Is there a way to make a reservation in advance to attend a session?
No need to do this – just join the session when it begins.
My session is planning to have breakout rooms. How do I get into the room I want?
The presider and technical support assistant will be responsible for placing attendees in breakout rooms.
What is the Publisher Spotlight?
The Publisher Spotlight tab allows you to see all the publishers that have chosen to participate in the Virtual Annual Meeting. By clicking on a publisher, you can see links to their webpages, uploaded catalogs, coupon codes for attendees, and sessions that they are hosting featuring their authors, new releases, and meetings with acquisition editors.
What browser is best to use?
The desktop planner works best in the latest version of Google Chrome. We have noted reports of problems with older versions of Firefox.
How do I find sessions?
To browse or search for sessions, go to the “Agenda” tab.
Where do I find handouts if there are any for the session?
In the Agenda view, click on the session, scroll down to click on the participant’s name/paper title, and then scroll to the bottom. Any handouts attached to the presentation will be in the right third of the screen.
I am schedule to participate. How will I join my session?
Participants will be sent an email with a special link within 72 hours of the start of the session. Please be sure to use that link to join the session. Please also be sure not to share that link with anyone, as it is specific to your role as a participant.
Will there be captioning within sessions?
Live captions will be available for SBL, AAR, and Affiliate/RSO sessions. Simply click the caption button to turn them on. Please note that because the captions are automatically generated, accuracy may vary based on the quality of the microphone, background noise, the individual accent of the speaker, and the amount of technical language being used.
How do I know if a specific session will be recorded?
Sessions where the listed participants have granted permission will have recordings available after the session has concluded. If the participants have not granted permission, a recording will not be available. The session listing in the app and desktop planner will note whether it is being recorded or not.
How do I access a recorded session?
Recorded sessions can be accessed via the app/desktop planner just like a live session.
How long will sessions remain available to view after the live presentation?
Recorded sessions will be available for registered attendees in the app and the desktop planner through January 31, 2021.