Dell Technology Camp 2013: The Evolution of the Data Center
Dell Technology Camp 2013: 
The Evolution of the Data Center
The event, now in its fourth year will feature:
  • Dell’s latest technologies and solutions that address customer issues and challenges around Cloud Computing, Data Insights, Mobility and Converged Infrastructure 
  • Speakers from Dell including Marius Haas, President of Enterprise Solutions; Aongus Hegarty, President, Dell EMEA; and Tony Parkinson, Vice President, EMEA Enterprise Solutions alongside a number of Dell solutions experts, customers and partners 
  • Hands-on, deep-dive sessions around Dell’s latest Cloud, Storage, Mobility and Convergence solutions
  • Customer and partner insight on the latest enterprise technology challenges and trends
  • Two live-streamed Think Tank events at the event which bring together some of the industry’s principal thought leaders to discuss Converged Infrastructure and enterprise solutions for SMBs 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31st January 2013 

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