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After a very debilitating car accident and subsequent surgeries doctors said my active lifestyle was over and I would need to adopt a new way of living. A way “that required less physical activity.” I believed them for a long time, but soon I began to understand that movement wasn’t a decision my body makes. It was an absolute necessity and programmed in, much like breathing. Simply put anything NOT moving, is dying and
I wasn’t ready to die, so I choose life which eventually lead me to Yoga. This practice told me a very different story! After losing my physical abilities due to my injuries I developed a very different relationship with my body. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies but eventually I found a new level of respect and appreciation for my own body’s ability to overcome injury and heal itself.
Once I marveled over all the miraculous ways in which nature has built in these super human abilities to heal itself, it changed my entire perspective on life as a whole.  And what some would instantly see an accident like this as traumatic and torturing, which it was, it was also the best thing that had ever happened to me, and lead me on a constant journey of self discovery.
I am currently I certified Yoga Instructor both for public and private sessions, Reiki Practitioner, single dad, and LA Photo Party sales extraordinaire. I have also taken countless hours of continuing educations and trainings on meditation, mobility, breath work, cold exposure, hearth math, and much more.
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