Sportkine 2021
09.00Prevention muscle injuries
Jean-Louis Croisier 
Rehabilitation muscle injuries
Erik Witvrouw 
Return to performance, recovery & load management in muscle injuries
Phil Glasgow 
10.30 Coffee Break
Multidisciplinary management in muscle injuries: PRP, imaging, operation technique
BOIC-doctors: Jean-François Kaux & Roel Parys 
Coach & athlete perceptions on sports physiotherapy
Moderator: Luciana De Michelis
Speakers: Hein Vanhaezebroeck & TBC 
12.00 Round Table Discussion 
12.30 Lunch
Simultaneous Workshops 
13.45 - 16.30 Interactive workshops on prevention, rehabilitation and return to play in muscle injuries 
Implementing injury prevention strategies
François Delvaux & Manu Wemel
Muscle injury rehabilitation
Phil Glasgow & Erik Witvrouw 
On field return to play decision-making in muscle injuries & concussion
Jean-François Kaux & Roel Parys 
13.45 - 16.30 Hands-on clinical sessions on ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and variability training 
Clinical examination overhead athlete - Hands-on
Styn Vereecken & Bénédicte Forthomme 
Clinical examination & functional testing in lateral ankle sprain & chronic ankle instability
Jo Verschueren & Aude Aguilaniu 
Injury prevention & return to performance with dynamic stability & variability training
Paul Venner
13.45 - 16.30Sponsored workshops
Arseus Medical
Flywheeltraining in rehabilitation and performance management: Scientific arugments & practical tactics
Fredrik Correa
Fascia release with BLACKROLL
Patrick Stegemann
Motion Explained, functional muscles evaluation
Diana Crognale, educational manager BTS Bioengineering
The 4 elements of agility
Koen Vercauteren & Lander Vandecaveye
Upgrade your therapy protocols with the newest tools for rehab - strength & performance training
Steve Vandebos
Return to play: The use of OptoGait for jump testing
Rick Nevels

Each workshop takes 45 minutes. After each workshop a 15 minute break
is scheduled to allow participants to change rooms.