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The Carl Howie Center Events
10/14 - 10/15/2019
Union Presbyterian Seminary
Allen & Jeannette Early Center for Christian Education & Worship
1106 Westwood Avenue
Richmond, Virginia
Event Description

Our 2019 Howie Center Events leaders are The Many, a musical group passionate about creating music for people to sing together about peace and justice and a world where all belong.The Many is a creative collective that believes there is power in singing together – “it changes things inside us and around us” – and their vision is to create music we can sing together that’s honest, full of questions, full of faith and doubt, full of longing. These are not songs about a God who only loves some of us.  This is not head in the clouds “worship music” – but feet on the ground, heart in hands, scars revealed, wild and holy, liturgically-seasoned music of resistance, reconciliation and restoration. This is music made for people to sing with each other, in churches, in living rooms, in basements and bars…anywhere, everywhere… in spirit and in truth.

The Carl Howie Center for Science, Art, and Theology sponsors presentations through which church leaders (including seminarians) recognize and engage the insights and implications of the interplay of science, art, and theology for theological expression and the practice of ministry.  The Center generously provides funding for lectures, seminars, and displays at Union Presbyterian Seminary once or twice a year, featuring artists, scientists, and/or theologians in conversation about a particular topic.

All events are free and open to the public.