2020 Reggae Runnerz Runcation

EVENT DETAILS                                                                                                            


December 3-7, 2020

Negril Jamaica


The Reggae Runnerz Runcation is comprised of runnerz from all over the States, Canada and the Caribbean, who come together to Run Where the Sun Meets the Sea, in Negril, Jamaica, and participate in the Reggae Marathon 10k, Half or Full Marathon!  This race is flat, fast and tons of fun...and, it is a Boston Qualifier.

This Runcation is customized to fit your needs; allowing you to book your hotel, air, airport transfers, excursions, private Runcation events and race registration.  

The 2020 Runcation will culminate with a Beach Party to celebrate the end of the Reggae Marathon and the end of a phenomenal weekend!  The theme for the Beach Party is Black, Green & Gold!  ...AND if you thought Beenie Man was amazing, just wait!  This year, the Special Guest Performances will be featuring one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all time, with 9 Grammy nominations and catalogue of charted smash hits spanning over four decades, sold out tours and a vibe that holds firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of Reggae. 


This covers your SWAG any overhead cost to ensure your Runcation is nothing short of amazing!!!