2013 TAPPI Tissue Properties and Manufacturing

TAPPI PRESS Discounts for Attendees

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  • Mechanics of Web Handling
    Product code: 0101R273
    Member Price: $11
    Non-Member Price: $75
    Special Event Price: $65

  • Guidelines for Safe Operation of Yankee Dryers
    Product code: 0101R244
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  • Towel and Tissue Papermaking CD Rom
    MPP-15 Towel & Tissue Papermaking Special Event Price: $35
    The complete set of 15 Making Pulp and Paper CD-ROMs is also available.

Towel and Tissue Papermaking is the last of the 15 CD-ROMs in the Making Pulp and Making Paper CD-ROM Series. Through this highly interactive, self-paced CD-ROM participants learn towel and tissue papermaking terms, concepts, and processes.

Learning outcomes:
After completing the Towel and Tissue Papermaking CD-ROM, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how the manufacturing of towel and tissue grades of paper is different from other grades of paper
  • Describe the different types of tissue formers
  • Explain the TAD process and its advantages and disadvantages

Benefits for Everyone
The series is designed for anyone who would benefit from a working knowledge of the pulping and papermaking process, including:

  • Paper machine operators
  • Process and product engineers
  • Sales and Technical support staff
  • New employees
  • Students

It will also be beneficial to experienced production or technical employees who need a more thorough understanding of a specific area of the operation, especially for cross-training purposes. New employees of chemical and equipment suppliers and paper industry consultants will also benefit from the series.