HOW Design Conference 2013

No matter how you define “success” in the design industry, you’ll find all the inspiration and resources you need at the HOW Design Conference.

This year’s program is packed with expert designers, consultants and design leaders—all of them ready to share their real-world expertise, innovative spirit and creative energy. You’ll get proven, up-to-date insights that will help you stay current, boost your career, work smarter, and re-connect with your muse.

Plus, you’ll get to spend four amazing days with thousands of your fellow creatives—a chance to forge relationships that will pay you back long after the conference and share enough creative energy to keep you going all year long!

Johnny Earle
Founder of
Johnny Cupcakes


Reinventing Your Ideas: How the Little Things Yield Big Results

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm on June 24

Why have thousands of customers from around the world chosen to get Johnny Cupcakes' tattoos? And how does Johnny get hundreds of people to camp outside his faux-bakeries? Over the past decade JC has grown from a "joke" to a multi-million dollar, exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of worldwide collectors. Johnny has been named America's #1 Young Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek with features on NPR, MTV, Wired, Inc. & MSNBC.

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Jessica Walsh
Partner at Sagmeister & Walsh

Jessica Walsh

Partner at Sagmeister & Walsh

Jessica Walsh’s career was founded on play, and she’s stressed its importance in her life ever since. In her session—aptly named “Play”—you’ll hear how play has influenced Jessica’s award-winning work, and see how you can bring a little play into your own life.

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Hands-on experience with industry experts is the name of the game in each of HOW Design Live’s intensive three-hour workshops. Topics range across the spectrum: from logo creation and interactive design to brainstorming, creative briefs and running a successful design business. You’ll also have the chance to rub shoulders with leading San Francisco design firms during exclusive studio tours!

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Our legendary Exhibit Hall is back, packed wall-to-wall with paper launches, new fonts, time-saving software, printers and stock photography vendors. You can meet representatives from major vendors face-to-face, and get loads of freebies and handouts to take back to the office (seriously, bring an extra suitcase). And don’t forget to watch the constantly-updated HOW Conference program for special technology sessions hosted by our sponsors. 


Nothing beats face-to-face contact with like-minded people—especially when you get to spend four amazing days talking shop and hanging out with thousands of people who share your passion for design. We’ve set up plenty of facilitated networking events to help you break the ice at HOW Design Live, but you’ll also have a ton of unscripted moments to meet and connect with your tribe.