Presentation Guidelines

The CGA wishes to ensure all presentations given are free of commercialism, whether intended or unintended.
Presenters are asked to review the guidelines below carefully.

1. Utilize the cover slide provided in your initial confirmation from event organizer for all presentations. The slide is not mandatory, however the committee does appreciate it if it can be used along with the closing slide (also provided in your initial confirmation email) to encourage evaluations from the delegation.

2. Presentations must be created to allow for a 10-15 minute window at the end of the session for Q&A from the audience. Where you are co-presenting please prepare to speak for an equal amount of time along with the Q&A window.

3. Presentations must also fill the time allotted for the session. Should you feel you are unable to fill the time frame allotted to you, you are asked to inform the event organizer asap The planning committee will then assist in recruiting a co-presenter as needed. The more notice that can be provided is appreciated.

4. Presentations should use a font size that is clear and visible from the farthest point of the meeting rooms.

5. To achieve a formidable presentation on a given topic we recommend opening with the facts about the topic; next present some of the challenges; provide the audience with solutions; a closing that provides take a ways to the audience is an effective way to keep the topic fresh after the event.

6. Presentations should be provided in pdf format once finalized; and also in power point for preloading.

7. A back up copy of your presentation should be brought on a usb drive with you as back up should there be any issues with the supplied files.

8. Presentations with changes prior to the event should be resubmitted to the event organizer both in pdf and power point format prior to the session.

9. Presentations will be considered part of the public domain and may appear on the CGA website after the event closes. If there are any copyright issues you are to disclose them prior to the event opening to the committee to ensure your presentation I not posted.

10. Presenters, by providing a copy of their presentation to the event coordinator, acknowledge that it is implied that they have obtained permission, from the copyright holder of any third party material included in their presentation, to post it on the CGA website after the event.

11. Presenters are asked to submit a short biography that highlights their current position an affiliation along with a few sentences that provides background into their expertise on the topic being presented. Biography should not exceed 200 words. The biography will be used for introductory purposes and be shared with attendees along with conference materials.

12. Concurrent Session presenters “must” bring their presentation on their OWN laptops. We will provide a projector and screen for presentations and a moderator will be available to assist in hook up of the equipment.

13. Plenary Session presenters will have a main laptop in the room that we will preload presentations on.