4th CORDEL Regional Workshop


ENISS is the European Nuclear Installations Safety Standards Initiative. Established in 2005, it represents nuclear installation licence holders from 16 European countries with nuclear power units, fuel reprocessing plants or large waste storage facilities. ENISS provides the nuclear industry with a platform to exchange information on national and European regulatory activities, to express its views and provide expert input on all aspects related to international safety standards. ENISS is the common channel through which European nuclear licence holders interact with WENRA (nuclear regulators), the European Institutions and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Although ENISS is hosted by FORATOM, it enjoys full autonomy as regards its strategy, priorities and decisions, which are discussed, reviewed and approved by its own governance bodies.

For more information visit the ENISS website.


In 1991 the major European electricity producers formed an organisation to develop common specifications for new designs to be proposed by Vendors in Europe and its promotion of harmonisation in requirements across Europe and worldwide.
Started by five partners in 1991, the EUR Organisation nowadays brings together thirteen Utilities which represent the major European electricity producers. The main product of the EUR Organisation is the development of the European Utility Requirements, presented in the EUR Specification Document (Volumes 1, 2 & 4) named “EUR Document”. The purpose of the EUR Document is to present a clear, complete statement of Utility expectations for Generation III NPPs.

For more information please see the EUR presentation and visit EUR website.