4th CORDEL Regional Workshop

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Harmonization to support the operation and new build of NPPs including SMRs


The World Nuclear Association is pleased to announce the 4th in its regional workshop series, designed to solicit information on the main technical and regulatory issues facing nuclear power plants – both new build and operating – and to introduce the relevant activities of our Working Groups. The workshop will be hosted by EDF and Framatome on 18 – 20 May 2022 in Lyon, France.

The workshop series was launched in 2016 by the World Nuclear Association’s CORDEL (Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing) Working Group, and Long-term Operation Task Force. The outputs from the workshops are used to help address regional issues, and where necessary, inform the Association’s own global programme of work.

The first workshop was held in Chicago on 1-2 June 2016; the second was in Moscow on 25-26 October 2016, hosted by Rosatom  ; and the third in Shanghai on 15-16 May 2018.


Workshop Objectives and Scope

The aim of the fourth workshop is to share information on the state of play and prospects for harmonization, and to examine this from national, regional and global perspectives. The workshop will be divided into two areas: 

Session 1: Harmonization of Safety Requirements Implementation/Licensing

At the regional and global level, cooperative initiatives have contributed to harmonized safety requirements. However, despite the implementation of harmonized high-level requirements at the national level, there are still differences and uncertainties in many aspects of long-term operation (LTO) and new reactor projects, especially when developing in several countries.

This session will examine the processes and opportunities for supporting progress in reducing licensing risk, increasing visibility and certainty to launch and deliver LTO and new reactor projects. Key aspects of safety standards implementation, risk-informed decision-making processes, joint design assessment, from the viewpoints of both licensees and regulators, will be covered.

Session 2: Standardization in Design, Manufacturing and Construction

To facilitate the safe and economical deployment of new standardized reactor models, including SMRs, along with the long-term operation of current reactors, the nuclear community needs a comprehensive and consistent set of industrial codes and standards which can be accepted by safety authorities worldwide, and which can be easily applied by a flexible and reliable supply chain. Innovative and yet-to-be-proven techniques and methods, possibly originating from other industries, will have to be integrated in nuclear industrial codes and standards for design, manufacturing and construction.

Current European and international initiatives supporting this integration will be discussed and recommendations will be made to enhance collaboration between industry, the regulatory community, national and international organizations, and to adequately communicate with the public


Who should attend

This series of workshops can be attended by:

  • Operators, vendors & suppliers (World Nuclear Association members and non-members).
  • National and regional stakeholders, including industry organizations, government and regulatory agencies.
  • International organizations including IAEA, OECD-NEA.


About the World Nuclear Association

Since the 1970s, the World Nuclear Association has served as a forum for the global industry to exchange information and to develop safe and efficient solutions to common issues. Over the last 20 years its work has extended into more technical areas relating to power plant management.