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3MFrom telecommunications systems on the ground to aircraft, satellites and even spacecraft, reliable long-range communications are essential in today’s connected world. 3M™ Cathodes and Electron Guns provide the high power needed to beam radio signals across vast distances. Around the world. From sky to tower. Even from outer space back to earth.Thumbnail
Bridge12 Technologies Inc.Microwave Tubes and Terahertz Systems ManufacturerThumbnail
CBL Ceramics Ltd.Thumbnail
CPICommunications & Power Industries (CPI) is a global manufacturer of electronic components and subsystems focused primarily on communications and defense markets. CPI develops, manufactures and globally distributes reliable solutions used in the generation, amplification, transmission and reception of microwave signals for commercial and military applications as well as communications, medical, industrial and scientific markets.Thumbnail
Diversified Technologies, Inc.Diversified Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Bedford, MA, USA is the developer and manufacturer of the PowerMod™ line of solid state power supplies, pulse modulators, and related high voltage, high power equipment. DTI's high voltage systems are used for defense and commercial applications including radar, power conversion, food sterilization, biomass oil extraction, and high-energy physics.Thumbnail
Elcon PrecisionElcon Precision manufactures custom photochemically machined parts, metallized ceramics and brazed assemblies. We photochemically machine Mo, W, Cu, Au, Be, Ti, SS, Inconel and others for TWT grid, source and assembly components. Ceramic assemblies include microwave and RF packaging, sapphire windows, emitters, and hermetic feed-throughs. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified.Thumbnail
InnoSys, Inc.Solid State Vacuum Device (SSVD-trade mark) traveling wave tube and other vacuum electronic device developer and manufacturerThumbnail
L3Harris Electron Devices, Inc.L3Harris Electron Devices (L3Harris EDD) is a leading provider of microwave amplifiers, sources, and related products. Our ISO-9001 certified facilities in Torrance, CA and Williamsport, PA, produce a wide variety of products for space, defense and commercial applications.Thumbnail
Northrop Grumman CorporationThumbnail
Spectra-Mat, Inc.Spectra-Mat, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electron emission products for the microwave industry and of controlled expansion thermal management material solutions for microelectronics. Spectra-Mat’s technology for dispenser cathodes contributed to the latest advancements of the modern microwave, linear accelerators and x-rays tubes industry.Thumbnail
Teledyne MECThe Teledyne MEC Business Unit is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of broadband high power helix Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs), TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), and Solid State High Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) from 10MHz to 44GHz meeting stringent fixed and mobile environments used in today's ECM, radar and communications markets.Thumbnail