Thursday, June 27, 2019
7:30 p.m. CST

Cutting Edge Sports Dentistry
Presented by Dr. Richard D. Knowlton

Members: $75     Members' Staff: $75     Student Members: $37.50       Non-members: $125

Subject Code: 154 - Sports Dentistry       Credits: 1.5

Course Description:


Most dentists never get a chance to become a team dentist for a major professional sports team. Many do not have the opportunity to be more than a speaker to a local sports organization or a team dentist for a local high school team. However, there are many opportunities for all of us to effectively educate, protect, and treat the athletes in our dental practice and the athletes in our community.


As our own children and the athletes in our practices get involved in organized sports this year, it is important for us as dentists to take a more active role in encouraging these players in all age groups to wear the proper protective equipment to prevent orofacial injuries on the playground and in organized sporting events.


The other element that we as healthcare professionals is to properly educate our patients and athletes on the detrimental effects of soda and energy drinks on our teeth.

Learning objectives: 

  • What roles dentists can play in protecting our children and athletes in our practice and in our community 
  • Prevention and treatment of everyday sports injuries will be discussed
  • How sports and energy drinks can play a significant role in caries risk to our patients and athletes

* Registration closes at 5:00 pm CT on the day of the event