2019 Engineering, Operations & Technology Conference
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3 Phase Associates, LLC.Thumbnail3 Phase Associates is a full-service engineering firm serving T&D utility customers by offering a wide range of services: power system studies, load flow, arc flash analysis, substation physical design, protection & controls, protective relaying, SCADA, automation, Smart Grid, telecommunications, cybersecurity, transmission line design, project management, construction management, testing & implementation; including turnkey solutions and EPC options. We put safety first in everything we do and always strive for 100% accuracy on all deliverables.https://3phaseassociates.com/102
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Advanced Power & LightingThumbnailAdvanced Power and Lighting, LLC, is safety driven company focusing on customer satisfaction in Transmission and Distribution services as well as Fiber Optic build out and Fiber to the Homehttp://www.aplpower.com10
Alden Systems, IncThumbnailAlden provides software and services to the utility and telecommunications industry. Alden’s software, Alden One®, provides the tools to seamlessly connect asset owners and attachers. Customizable, automated workflows facilitate joint use processes in a central location. The Alden One® platform allows users to share data at their discretion. Alden also offers field services, including asset data collection through LIDAR and drone technology. Using hand-held or air-borne devices, Alden helps companies track the lifecycle of each field asset. Through data collection and our joint use platform, Alden’s goal is to simplify joint use and bridge communication gaps. Learn more at www.aldensys.com.http://www.aldensys.com26
Allen & HoshallThumbnailAllen & Hoshall is a full-service design firm founded in 1915. We offer our clients complete design services in all engineering disciplines, as well as, the fields of architecture and interior design. The Electric Utility Division has provided planning, detailed design services and construction administration services for the Electric Utility industry for nearly 85 years. Our experience profile includes substation design, transmission and distribution line designs, drone assisted thermal imaging, feasibility studies, protective relaying and SCADA feasibility/implementation, long range and construction work plans; Arc Flash Risk Assessments; AMI evaluations and Work Order Inspectionshttp://www.allenhoshall.com/36
AMP Quality Energy ServicesThumbnailAMP Quality Energy Service provides the energy industry with comprehensive electrical apparatus testing while maintaining exception employee culture. Our services include: transformer commissioning and testing, circuit breaker testing and timing, arc flash hazard analysis, protective relay calibration, battery maintenance, condition based maintenance of substation assets, infrared thermography, and laboratory calibration services.https://ampqes.com126
Anixter, IncThumbnailAnixter International is a leading global distributor of Network & Security Solutions, Electrical & Electronic Solutions and Utility Power Solutions. We help build, connect, protect, and power valuable assets and critical infrastructures. From enterprise networks to industrial MRO supply to video surveillance applications to electric power distribution, we offer full-line solutions, and intelligence, that create reliable, resilient systems that sustain businesses and communities. Through our unmatched global distribution network along with our supply chain and technical expertise, we help lower the cost, risk and complexity of our customers’ supply chains.http://www.anixter.com87
AO SmithThumbnailA. O. Smith Water Products Company is headquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee, home of the world’s largest water heater factory. The A. O. Smith network includes five manufacturing facilities in Tennessee. A.O. Smith offers a full line of standard and high efficiency Heat Pump electric water heaters including many models capable of smart 2 way grid connectivity.http://www.hotwater.com104
Atomation Net IncThumbnailAtomation is a business-to-business solutions company that uses a proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect existing, in-field, legacy equipment/assets to the internet. Using edge computing, raw data is turned into actionable information businesses use to transform operations and optimize the bottom line. This smart, simple and scalable solution deploys and configures quickly and inexpensively, providing new options for adding previously overlooked objects to the IoT.https://www.atomation.net/61
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Baron USA, LLCThumbnailBaron USA specializes in purification, reclamation, regeneration, and recycling systems. Designed and built for the global market, our systems incorporate modern solid-state electronics and proven vacuum technology. Our expertise has positioned us as a leading manufacturer for the purification and reclamation of transformer, turbine, hydraulic, lubricating, synthetic and many other fluids, including compressor oils and silicone-based fluids.http://www.baronusa.com/72
Beckwith Electric Company, Inc.ThumbnailBeckwith Electric is a leading provider of innovative solutions for Smart Grid Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). These smart grid strategies provide huge energy savings and free up critical electric power system capacity. Beckwith’s field-proven smart distribution automation controls for transformers, regulators and capacitor banks incorporate unique control strategies, advanced microprocessor architecture and cyber security compliant communications. In addition to distribution automation controls, power systems protection solutions include generator, transformer, feeder, recloser and distributed generation applications. Specialized synchronizing and motor bus transfer systems are also offered.http://www.beckwithelectric.com90
Border States ElectricThumbnailBorder States supplies products and services to the Utility, Industrial and Construction markets. At BSE we provide value to our customers by delivering innovative product and supply chain solutions.http://borderstates.com125
Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc.ThumbnailAt Burns & McDonnell, our engineers, architects, construction professionals, scientists and consultants do more than plan, design and construct. With a mission unchanged since 1898 — make our clients successful — our 7,000 professionals partner with you on the toughest challenges, constantly working to make the world an amazing place. As a 100 percent employee-owned firm ranking in the top 5 percent for safety, each professional brings an ownership mentality to our projects. That means we think like owners, working through each challenge until it’s resolved, exceeding our clients’ goals. This dedication and drive positions us as an industry leader.https://www.burnsmcd.com67
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Cannon & Cannon, Inc.ThumbnailCannon & Cannon Inc. is a service-focused consulting firm offering a wide range of public work related engineering and surveying services. Our services include: Transportation/Traffic; Field Survey; Site Development; Utilities/ Stormwater/Environmental; Construction Phase Services, Etc.http://www.cannon-cannon.com/39
CE PowerThumbnailCE Power provides electrical systems solutions for 480V through 500kV electrical systems. We serve electric utility power plants, alternative energy facilities, transmission & distribution substations, industrial facilities, institutional facilities and clients with critical power applications.http://www.cepower.net124
Central Service AssociationThumbnailCentral Service Association (CSA), an 80-year-old, member-owned cooperative, provides a complete line of state-of-the-art IT solutions to public utilities including customer and financial information systems, work management, GIS, meter data management, mobile solutions and more. CSA also offers a complete line of employee benefit plans.https://www.csa1.com/76
Central Service AssociationCentral Service Association (CSA), an 80-year-old, member-owned cooperative, provides a complete line of state-of-the-art IT solutions to public utilities including customer and financial information systems, work management, GIS, meter data management, mobile solutions and more. CSA also offers a complete line of employee benefit plans.http://www.csa1.com
Chancellor, IncThumbnailFull-service substation construction contractor offering complete turnkey services including operations management support, material procurement and management, certified bus welders and operators, industry leading safety specialists and final job close-out. We have a dedicated safety team and multiple procedures in place to keep our job sites safe. We also offer a full range of equipment, tools, personal safety products and materials for commercial, industrial and utility projects. We work with rural utility systems, investor owned utilities, government agencies and high voltage contractors. Lastly, we provide rentals, tool manufacturing, in-house tool testing, repairing and OSHA re-certification.https://www.chancellorinc.com5
Channell CommercialThumbnailChannell is a 4th generation family run business, global corporation, and proud USA manufacturer of outside plant thermoplastic enclosures serving the Fiber Optic, Telecommunication, Broadband, Water, Power, and Utility industries. Channell has been the leader of thermoplastic outside plant enclosures in the Telecommunication and Broadband industries for over 90 years. Channell prides itself on design, innovation, and service; and is constantly evolving its products to better answer the changing needs of the industry.http://www.channell.com40
Charles Industries, Ltd.ThumbnailCharles manufactures “Innovative Enclosed Solutions” including cabinets and shrouds, building terminals, pedestals, below grade enclosures and fiber accessories for wireless, fiber, copper, broadband & utility applications.http://www.charlesindustries.com65
Connected Mobile SolutionsThumbnailConnected Mobile Solutions is an authorized reseller of InHand Networks' IWOS Overhead Distribution Line Monitoring System for preventative failure analysis.http://www.connectedmobilesolutions.com24
Convergent Energy + PowerThumbnailConvergent Energy + Power (Convergent) is the leading independent developer of energy storage solutions in North America. Interested in reducing costs with utility-scale batteries but without the risks? Our battery-based power systems can save millions of dollars over the project lifecycle, plus the infrastructure costs that can be avoided as a result. With over 120 MW / 240 MWh of projects in operation, construction, or under contract, Convergent is also the largest independent operator of energy storage in North America. For more information, visit convergentep.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.https://www.convergentep.com/
Cybirical/iS5 CommunicationsThumbnailCybirical, LLC was created for one purpose: to help electric utility customers, owners, and operators address the cyber challenges of a modernized grid. Our team of licensed power system engineers and certified information assurance professionals bring together multiple disciplines under one roof. This unique combination allows us to provide system focused cyber services and solutions. As a professionally licensed engineering firm, we specialize in services and solutions for the design and maintenance of safe, secure, and cyber-aware power system environments. iS5 Communications Inc. is a global provider of integrated services and solutions, and manufacturer of intelligent Industrial Ethernet products. Our products are designed to meet the stringent demand requirements of utility sub-stations, roadside transportation, rail, and industrial applications. iS5Com’s services and products are key enablers of advanced technology implementation such as the Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Oil Field, and Internet of Things. All products have the ability to transmit data efficiently without the loss of any packets under harsh environments and EMI conditions.https://cybirical.com/51
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dataVoice International, Inc.ThumbnailHere at dataVoice International, we develop powerful outage management products that equip utilities with the tools they need to address service interruptions and the customers affected by them. Connect with us today to learn more about our offerings and the electric companies across the country that trust us to deliver in the harshest conditions.http://www.datavoiceint.com73
Davey Resource GroupThumbnailDavey Resource Group (DRG) is one of the few companies in the world that takes a holistic approach to reliability solutions. We can help you find the best solutions to improved system reliability. GIS Inventories and Verification Facility Inspections: Comprehensive Joint-Use Management: Turn-key joint-use management including application management, make-ready, pole loading, inspections, doublewood remediation, and audits. Reliability Solutions Vegetation Management:http://www.davey.com/utility-services/96
Davis H. ElliotThumbnailThe Elliot Companies For over seven decades investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, and others have entrusted their electrical construction and maintenance needs to Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc. (Elliot). Elliot is a full-service electrical contractor specializing in overhead and underground distribution, transmission, substations, lighting, traffic signaling, utility locating and industrial/commercial services.http://dhec.com
DC SystemsThumbnailSince 1990, DC Systems has been a leading developer of smart grid automation and real-time data management software solutions for utility companies, power generators, and large energy users.http://www.dcsystems.com
DC SystemsThumbnailSince 1990, DC Systems has been a leading developer of smart grid automation and real-time data management software solutions for utility companies, power generators, and large energy users.http://www.dcsystems.com
Delta Star, Inc.ThumbnailFor more than 100 years, Delta Star has been manufacturing transformers for utilities of all sizes across the continent. We are the last remaining independent power transformer manufacturer in the United States, as well as the only continuous manufacturer of mobile transformers and mobile substations in North America. With manufacturing locations in Lynchburg, Virginia, San Carlos, California, and Quebec, Canada, Delta Star has the quality, engineering, field service and customer service to meet all of your power needs.https://www.deltastar.com/50
Delta-X ResearchThumbnailDelta-X Research is pleased to announce the full release of its innovative technology called Reliability-based Dissolved Gas Analysis, a new method for interpreting dissolved gas analysis test data, as part of its market leading software, TOA4.http://www.deltaxresearch.com
Desoto County Electric, Inc.ThumbnailDesoto County Electric, Inc. has been privately owned and operated for over 40 years. We offer full utility contracting services and emergency utility and traffic signal storm restoration.http://www.desotocountyelectric.com121
Drake LightingThumbnailDrake Lighting is dedicated to delivering innovative obstruction lighting solutions that are easy to order, simple to handle, and effortless to Install.http://www.drakelighting.com/41
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Eaton CorporationThumbnailPower requirements are quickly evolving. To keep up with fundamental shifts in how consumers use power and how utilities provide it, energy suppliers must work to modernize operations. From complete system overhauls to consulting on individual aspects of grid improvement, Eaton solves complex grid modernization problems across the entire utility landscape.https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us.html33
Electric Power SystemsThumbnailElectric Power Systems is a NETA Certified, Independent Electrical Testing & Engineering Organization. We specialize in commissioning, start up, and maintenance testing for Utility, Industrial, Transit, Data Centers, and Commercial Facilities. At Electric Power Systems, we are committed to promoting a culture of safety within our organization and alongside all of our clients. Our dedication to providing safe and reliable services has made us a trusted industry leader since 1977.http://www.epsii.com46
ElectriComThumbnailElectriCom provides all facets of telecommunications and power construction services including design-build and SSP arrangements. Telecom includes fiber (FTTx as well as traditional applications) and copper cable placement, splicing, and removal in buried, underground, and aerial plant environments. We also provide right-of-way clearance and maintenance, and construct manhole and conduit systems, premises wiring, telecom system installation, and gas distribution.http://www.electricominc.com32
ELUS CompanyThumbnailELUS Company is a representative ESOP firm founded in 1957. Based in Cinicinnati covering TN, KY, OH, IN, MI, W.VA, and W PA. We provide superior customer service and support for both customers and our principals.http://www.elus.com78
Embedded Monitoring Systems LimitedThumbnaileMS are a UK company with distribution in Australia and Europe and over 30 years experience working with DNOs and TNOs as well as Industrial and Commercial customers. eMS provide intelligent substation monitoring solutions to help customers improve network management and unlock significant cost and efficiency savings. Our expanding range of innovative asset condition monitoring solutions allow the lifetime of ageing assets to be safely extended and total maintenance costs to be lowered. Systems also provide timely information on the location of distribution faults enabling quantifiable reductions in SAIFI / SAIDI. Other applications include protection monitoring, PQ and PMU.http://www.emsni.com/112
Emerald TransformerThumbnailEmerald Transformer is the premier national single-source solution for oil-filled electrical equipment with services including repair, re-manufacturing, field technical services, recycling and disposal. In addition, we provide oil processing, laboratory services and parts distribution.http://www.emeraldtransformer.com9
enfoPoint SolutionsThumbnailenfoPoint is a Juniper Elite Partner proudly providing advanced network infrastructure products and engineering services to electric utility service providers throughout the southeastern US and Carolinas.http://www.enfopoint.com/index
ERMCOThumbnailERMCO, a full-line distribution transformer manufacturer located in Tennessee, offers a high quality product, great customer service and one of the longest product warranties in the market.http://www.ermco-eci.com11
Ervin Cable Construction, LLCThumbnailErvin is a full service engineering and construction company building fiber networks for electric coops. Current projects include smart grid as well as fiber to the home networks.http://www.ervincable.com
ETI EquipmentThumbnailETI manufactures aerial lift trucks for telecommunications, electrical utility, energy, industrial, and other professionals like you, every day. We build them to order, and we build them right the first time. We also build in things like free safety training with every truck, parts when and where you need them, and service calls before the other guys even call you back. Which means at the end of every day, the most important thing we build is your business.http://etiequipment.com/103
EvlumaThumbnailThe newly updated LED AreaMax delivers more lumens and more options for street & area lighting. The OmniMax is a decorative post-top replacement lamp that guarantees beautiful, long-lasting light. All Evluma's lighting products can be controlled wireless using ConnectLED our custom Bluetooth app.http://www.evluma.com54
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FiberRiseThumbnailFiberRise's mission is to empower electric utilities to transform their communities and member’s lives through innovation and implementation expertise of fiber deployments.http://www.fiber-rise.com71
Fielda, IncThumbnailFielda offers a Field Service Management Software to Electric Utilities. By utilizing this Mobile software on iPads & iPhones, Our customers manage Field inspections and Maintenance work efficiently.http://www.fielda.com8
Filmax, Inc.ThumbnailFilmax, LLC proudly serves the power industry through our extensive line of specialized oil filtration systems and filters. Filmax designs and manufactures the most reliable, innovative, and proven product line in the industry. Filmax filtration systems provide our clients with increased equipment longevity, reliability, and performance while reducing maintenance costs.http://www.filmaxinc.com58
Fisher Arnold, IncThumbnailEstablished in 1985 in Memphis, TN, Fisher Arnold, Inc. has developed a solid reputation as one of the leading engineering, architecture and consulting firms in the United States.http://www.fisherarnold.com
Fisher Arnold, Inc.ThumbnailEstablished in 1985 in Memphis, TN, Fisher Arnold, Inc. has developed a solid reputation as one of the leading engineering, architecture and consulting firms in the United States.http://www.fisherarnold.com7
Fulghum, MacIndoe & Associates, Inc.ThumbnailFulghum, MacIndoe, & Associates, Inc. is a multi-discipline consulting firm. We provide engineering expertise to clients that are in the electric, gas, water, and waste water utilities industry.https://www.fulghummacindoe.com/
Futura SystemsThumbnailFutura provides enterprise GIS solutions to hundreds of electric utilities across the United States. As an Esri Gold Business Partner, we excel at employing the ArcGIS foundation to develop mapping, staking and outage management tools that deliver powerful, user friendly functionality. Futura's tools extend the level of collaboration between GIS and CIS by providing intuitive, single-screen access to critical operational intelligence, empowering you to make informed decisions that will improve overall service to your consumers.http://www.futuragis.com95
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G&W Electric CompanyThumbnailG&W Electric Company www.gwelec.com G&W Electric Co. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medium/high voltage electrical products and automation services.http://www.gwelec.com42
GE Grid AutomationThumbnailAdvanced protection and control solutions such as recloser/switch controller, pad-mount switch controller, Ethernet Switches, GPS clocks, substation HMI/gateway and advanced substation metering.https://www.gegridsolutions.com/automation_protection.htm62
General MotorsThumbnailhttp://www.gmfleet.com
GraybarThumbnailGraybar is a leader in the distribution of electrical, communications, security and networking products, and specializes in supply chain management and logistics services. Through its network of more than 289 North American distribution facilities, it stocks and sells products from thousands of manufacturers. For more information, visit www.graybar.com.https://www.graybar.com/store/en/gb70
Gresco Utility Supply, IncThumbnailGresco Technology Solutions has the expertise and materials to help you design, install, and maintain reliable communication networks. We are your one-stop source for broadband supply and services and your trusted partner for a successful broadband implementation. Our large inventory of top tier products, quick delivery, and training services will ensure your network is built and maintained to meet your increasing customer demand from start to finish.http://gresco.com91
Gresham SmithThumbnailGresham Smith is an architecture, engineering and design practice with 25 locations throughout the US and Asia, and a home office in Nashville, Tennessee. Our team of highly-skilled utility design, coordination and inspection staff provides extensive experience with State DOTs, as well as municipal and cooperative utility companies.http://www.greshamsmith.com77
Griffith-Herron-Middlebrook-Ross Company, Inc.Thumbnail40 year manufacturer's rep company covering the entire TVPPA footprint representing major manufacturers for transmission, substation, distribution, FTTH, and electrical testing.http://www.ghmr.com92
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HDR Engineering IncThumbnailHDR specializes in engineering, architecture, environmental, and construction services. For more than 100 years, we've partnered with utilities to develop the infrastructure that powers the world. Whether your project involves transmission, distribution, substations, generation, renewables, or a new challenge, you can count on us.https://www.hdrinc.com/16
Hendrix Overhead Power SolutionsThumbnailThink of Hendrix Overhead Power Solution as a family of solution providers and risk-reducers for utilities across the country and around the world. The common attribute among our customers is their reliance on us for a seamless product-service continuum that combines (and coordinates) engineering, project design, delivery, installation, training, testing, monitoring and more.https://marmonutility.com/6
Honeywell Smart EnergyThumbnailHoneywell Smart Energy provides advanced technologies and solutions for utilities including: AMI, renewable/DER management and metering; software & advanced analytics to optimize Smartgrid data flow; and turnkey project and installation serviceshttps://www.honeywellsmartgrid.com105
Honeywell Smart Energy
Howard Lighting ProductsThumbnailHoward Lighting Products is committed to a brighter future. We’re doing our part by designing and manufacturing energy-efficient lighting that is safe and minimizes impact on our environment. We offer a full line of high-quality, fluorescent and HID ballasts, fixtures, and lamps for both commercial and residential uses. Our products are in use at numerous government facilities, including Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, Camp Pendleton, and CIA headquarters at Langley. Howard is your source for dependable lighting products, now, and in the future.https://www.howard-lighting.com12
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Inertia Engineering And Machine WorksThumbnailEstablished in 1995, Inertia Engineering and Machine Works, Inc. an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of medium and high voltage switchgear, automation products and specialized equipment and components for the electrical power distribution industry. The inertia team has over 150 years of experience of engineering and manufacturing switchgear and automation equipment.http://www.inertiaworks.com23
Intermatic IncorporatedThumbnailPhoto Controls and Power Controls - With a rich company history spanning more than 125 years, Intermatic has built a reputation for delivering robust solutions that stand the test of time. A commitment to quality and deep technical expertise has helped establish the company as a global leader for lighting control and energy management solutionshttps://www.intermatic.com/115
IRBY Electrical DistributorThumbnailIrby was founded in 1926 in the rural South. Throughout the decades, Irby grew steadily by providing the electrical products needed to power an ever-expanding nation. Today, Irby is one of the nation's leading distributors of electrical products and related services. Irby can provide a scalability that few companies can match.http://irby.com120
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Jordan Transformer, LLCThumbnailJordan Transformer specializes in remanufacturing, rewinding and repairing Substation transformers, as well as Mobile Substation, GSU, Auxiliary, Station Power, Start-Up, and Furnace transformers up to 200 MVA and 230 kV. Additionally, Jordan Transformer now designs and manufactures entirely NEW Mobile Substations, Mobile Transformers, and Mobile Regulator trailers. Our testing is conducted per ANSI/IEEE Standards including Impulse, Partial Discharge and Temperature Rise Tests. We offer full Field Service capabilities including turnkey projects, oil processing, new installations, gasket repair, LTC repair and more. We purchase used electrically good and failed transformers to be either remanufactured or reconditioned and subsequently resold.http://www.jordantransformer.com37
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KGP CoThumbnailKGPCo is an industry leader in advanced supply chain solutions, value-added distribution, and product/software integration services. KGPCo provides service solutions as a premier provider of a comprehensive suite of communication network management, engineering, and implementation capabilities. Together, our business’ objective is to build, optimize, and transform our customer’s networks.http://www.kgpco.com94
KMS Electrical ProductsThumbnailKMS has been serving utilities in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas for over 25 years. With over 125 years of combined experience (inside and outside sales, engineering, and construction) we strive to use our experience and knowledge to help our customers find the right products and the best solutions to meet their needs. Our products include fiberglass crossarms, insulators, wire, ductile iron poles, tags/labels, breakers, instrument transformers, meter bases, primary cabinets, switches and power transformers.https://www.kmsep.com/49
KVA Inc.ThumbnailKVA Produces relay panels and fully integrated substation control buildings. KVA is a WBE-Certified, made in the USA company, based in South Carolina.http://www.kva-emc.com68
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Laser Technology, Inc.ThumbnailThe demand for more utilities in urban areas is growing. Two-thirds of the worlds’ population is estimated to live in urban areas by 2050, requiring service providers and development teams to dispense reliable services with fewer resources. Laser measurement mapping is a powerful solution that strengthens the development and preservation of electric utilities. Whether your crew needs to measure encroaching vegetation, determine pole inventory, or calculate span, sag, and tension values, laser mapping is a complete solution that equips users with precise, reliable, and repeatable measurements that are needed to perform any job function, in safe terrain.http://www.lasertech.com53
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Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.ThumbnailManitoba Hydro International Ltd. (MHI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro. By leveraging the experience, methods, and innovative technologies of the parent utility, MHI delivers reliable, practical, and sustainable solutions. MHI is a utility setting out to solve utility problems. With clients in over 120+ countries, MHI is familiar with overcoming a wide range of challenges and conditions. Utilizing this valuable experience, and the support of the parent company, MHI strives to innovate and revolutionize global energy industry practices every day.https://www.mhi.ca/89
Massey ElectricThumbnailMassey Electric is a full-service electrical contractor. We offer services from design and planning to new construction, renovation and service work.http://www.masseyelectric.com85
MeggerThumbnailFor 135 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. We introduced the first commercial cable fault locator in 1950; and were the first to develop a completely automatic, software driven protective relay test system. Megger has testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas such as insulation, transformer, circuit breaker, protective relay, power quality and cable testing and diagnostics. With such diverse product offerings, we are your single source for electrical test and measuring instruments.http://www.us.megger.com84
Mesa Associates, Inc.ThumbnailMesa is a woman/minority owned full-service multi-discipline engineering, procurement, and construction management firm specializing in providing engineering & UAV services for the electric utility industry.http://mesainc.com47
Milsoft Utility SolutionsThumbnailMilsoft Utility Solutions has provided powerful software for power system professionals for three decades. Electric utilities can choose from a suite of solutions including Electric T&D Modeling and Analysis, Outage Management, Electric Utility GIS & Field Engineering, and Interactive Voice Response. Milsoft’s support and service is simply outstanding and unwavering. Milsoft leads its industry with a customer base of more than 1,000 electrical utilities, educational institutions and consultants in the United States and abroad. There’s never been a better time to try Milsoft Utility Solutions.http://www.milsoft.com101
Milwaukee ToolThumbnailFrom the power plant, through transmission and distribution, it is MILWAUKEE’s goal to improve reliability and productivity for the Lineman by offering solutions that help increase confidence while on the job. MILWAUKEE® delivers unprecedented innovation for the Power Utility industry through a wide range of power tools, cordless crimpers and cutters, high output lighting, hand tools, and accessories.https://www.milwaukeetool.com/29
MISSISSIPPI-TENNESSEE TRANSFORMERS INC.ThumbnailMiss-Tenn Transformers specializes in transformers, regulators, recloser, controls and padmount repair and sales. We also provide pick up and delivery service for the customer.http://www.ms-tn.net35
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Next Era EnergyThumbnailNextEra Energy Resources is the world’s largest developer of renewable energy from the sun and the wind. We operate more than 17,000 megawatts of renewable energy generation in North America with investments totaling more than $20 billion. NextEra Energy Resources is also North America’s number one owner of distributed generation solar assets. A Fortune 200 company and listed on the NYSE, NextEra Energy has been recognized often by third parties for its efforts in sustainability, corporate responsibility, ethics and compliance, and diversity. NextEra Energy is ranked No. 1 in the electric and gas utilities industry on Fortune's 2019 list of "World's Most Admired Companies" and ranked among the top 25 on Fortune's 2018 list of companies that "Change the World."http://www.nexteraenergyresources.com83
NovaTech, LLCThumbnailNovaTech’s industry-leading utility products, comprising of the OrionLX Automation Platform and Bitronics 50 Series panel instruments, provide solutions to a wide range of substation automation needs, including RTU, programmable logic, HMI, disturbance recording and display. Combined with our services for packaging, configuration, installation, commissioning and training, our products provide customers with immediate returns and superior long-term value.http://www.novatechweb.com100
NoviniumThumbnailNovinium provides tested, patented cable rejuvenation solutions that have restored thousands of miles of line to like-new condition. Novinium helps utilities maximize cable-reliability programs with innovative rehabilitation solutions that result in less cable being replaced, lower hazard exposure, shorter outages, and reduced overall costs.http://www.novinium.com31
NRTCThumbnailNRTC is Member Driven and Technology Focused. We provide solutions that help our 1,500 electric and telephone members bring today’s evolving technology to rural America. NRTC’s solutions are developed specifically to meet the needs of rural utilities and their customers, and include integrated smart grid/utility solutions, advanced energy, broadband infrastructure and managed network services, wireless technologies and programming distribution capabilities for video and broadband providers.http://www.nrtc.coop
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Olameter CorporationThumbnailOlameter is a leading provider of asset & data services to water, gas, & electricity utilities across North America. Services include meter reading, mass meter installations, site services, underground locating, asset inspection / mapping / maintenance, call center, document fulfillment, workforce management systems, & SDI / IoT / NOC platforms.http://www.olameter.com69
OMICRON electronicsThumbnailCustomers in over 160 countries rely on OMICRON's ability to provide innovative testing and diagnostic solutions for the electric power industry. Products: Test Instruments for Protective Relays, CTs, Instrument Transformers, Meters, Transducers, IEC 61850 Devices, Reclosers/Distribution Automation, PQ Analyzers; Power Factor, Moisture in Insulation, Dielectric Frequency Response, SFRA, Circuit Breakers, Advanced Transformer Diagnostics, PD. In 2013, OMICRON opened its state-of-the-art training facility in Houston called the OMICRON Academy. It has classroom and hands-on training areas including the ability to test various apparatus such as a 10 MVA Power Transformer, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Automation, and a hands-on Protection Relay Testing Lab.https://www.omicronenergy.com43
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.ThumbnailOsmose provides inspection, life extension, and rehabilitation services designed to build resiliency into T&D infrastructure. Osmose also provides corrosion mitigation and engineered repairs for steel structures, structural load analysis, and a variety of turnkey infrastructure enhancement and upgrade solutions. As an industry leader for over 80 years, Osmose leverages decades of inspection data by using analytics to help customers understand their asset health and optimize their approach to structure maintenance.https://www.osmose.com/18
OTC Services Inc.ThumbnailWith experience dating back to the 1970s, OTC Services, Inc. is a company committed to the remanufacturing and repair of dry-type and liquid-filled transformers for both industrial and utility clients. Our 98,000-square-foot facility in Louisville, Ohio, streamlines the process and allows aggressive lead times by providing dedicated rail access, large truck delivery and a 100-ton crane for loading and unloading.http://www.otcservices.com64
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Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc.ThumbnailEstablished in 1947, Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc. (P&D) specializes in designing and evaluating vital power delivery infrastructures for rural electric utility clients in the Tennessee Valley and across the country from our offices in Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, and Washington, DC. We provide comprehensive electrical and civil engineering, land surveying, and construction management. Services include substation design, distribution system analysis and planning, smart grid solutions, SCADA automation, communication and integration, testing and commissioning, renewable energy and distributed generation consulting, grounding system design & analysis, site development, land planning, and more.https://www.pdengineers.com4
Power Consulting Associates, IncThumbnailPower Consulting Associates exists to provide services to organizations involved with the transmission and distribution of electricity. PCA provides engineering design, construction inspection, and project management services for all stages of power delivery.https://www.powerconsultingassociates.com/13
Power Service AgencyThumbnailWe are a professional sales organization headquartered in Nashville TN. Our focus is the Energy, and Communications markets. We represent the highest quality manufacturers in those areas. Our sales force has more than 100 years combined experience in the industry. We have customer and manufacturing relationships that span decades. PSA is leading our customers and our manufacturers down the right path.http://www.powerserviceagency.com75
Power System EngineeringThumbnailPSE is a full service consulting firm for electric utilities, independent power producers and commercial and industrial electric users. Our clients include distribution cooperatives, generation and transmission cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, public utility districts, and industry associations.https://www.powersystem.org/111
PowerSecureThumbnailPowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary, is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions to electric utilities and their industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. PowerSecure provides energy solutions in the following areas: distributed generation, energy storage and renewables, energy efficiency and utility infrastructure.https://powersecure.com97
Preformed Line ProductsThumbnailPreformed Line Products has been providing innovative product and service solutions to the electric power utility industry since 1947. We offer solutions for supporting, protecting, terminating and splicing transmission and distribution lines. We also offer a full array of products for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optic cables, which are commonly used to monitor and control power networks.http://www.preformed.com86
Premier Power Maintenance Corp.ThumbnailPremier Power Maintenance provides maintenance and acceptance testing / commissioning for all apparatus 480V through 765kV. PPM specializes in SF6 breaker / transformer dress-out / electrical testing and also Protection and Control / SCADA acceptance testing / commissioning.http://www.premierpower.us38
Prysmian GroupThumbnailBased in Highland Heights, KY, Prysmian Group North America operates in the United States and Canada. In July 2018, the Group finalized the acquisition of General Cable resulting in combined operations that include 23 plants, 6 R&D centers and over 5,800 employees. In 2018, Prysmian Group North America’s combined net sales totaled $4.0 billion. The Group is strongly positioned in high tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how. A world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of wire and cable products, Prysmian Group North America’s business units include power distribution, specialty, telecoms, trade & installers and energy projects (HV). Prysmian Group is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index. Additional information is available at na.prysmiangroup.com.http://prysmiangroup.com74
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QEI, LLCThumbnailQEI has been providing industry solutions for over 59 years. Serving the Electric, Transit, Renewable, and Water/Wastewater utilities, QEI is a leading SCADA and automation equipment supplier with the engineering, manufacturing, training, and service personnel to support each customer's requirements from inception to completion.https://www.qeiinc.com/28
Quality Standby ServicesThumbnailQuality Standby Services provides DC power solutions including products, technical services, engineering support, and maintenance programs. We serve the utility, telecom and industrial markets providing industry leading products including: batteries, chargers, telecom DC plants & distribution, inverters, DC-DC converters, and battery monitoring systems.http://www.qualitystandbyservices.com57
QUANTA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICESThumbnailQuanta Telecom Services is part of Quanta Services and we are the largest utility contractor in North America! ENR named No. 1 utility, specialty & electrical contractor again for 2018. We deliver all facets of telecom to our rural customers including OSP construction (aerial & UG), splicing, engineering, project & program management. Installations, and even financing. We can do all the above as a full EPC+ Turn-key project. Quanta serves all of our rural customers across North America. WE ARE QUANTAhttp://www.quantatelcom.com44
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Radiance SolarThumbnailFounded in 2007 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Radiance Solar LLC provides turnkey solar power installations for commercial, institutional and utility customers. Radiance also offers distinct services in system design and engineering, construction, solar energy consulting, large-scale project development and Operations & Maintenance. Ranked among the nation’s top solar companies, Radiance has installed over 100 MW of clean, renewable solar power throughout more than 300 sites across the Southeastern US and Mexico. The company has a proven track record of delivering high performing systems, and building long-term assets that promise to deliver a meaningful return on investment for our clients. Radiance Solar has been named among the nation’s top 100 solar contractors for the last seven years and has received multiple awards in the areas of innovation and renewable energy. Twice, Radiance has been recognized by INC Magazine as one of the INC 5000’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies in America.’ With a relentless focus on performance, reliability and safety, we design, engineer and construct the highest-value solar systems in the marketplace today.http://www.radiancesolar.com/106
Reinhausen ManufacturingThumbnailReinhausen Manufacturing produces the ever-popular VACUTAP® RMV. Learn about our other revolutionary products such as ETOS®, the world’s first open operating system for transformers. In addition, to significantly reduce the time that your transformer is offline, we offer cost-effective retrofits for some types of LTCs: VACUTAP® UTT-LTX to replace the old Westinghouse Type UTT units, VACUTAP® VM to replace old Type M switches, and VACUTAP® UVT-LTX, which upgrades the old Westinghouse Type UVT. We have added many new products and transformer services to our robust portfolio - allowing us to be your total solutions provider.https://www.reinhausen.com45
Ruffin & AssociatesThumbnailWe are a manufacturer representative that has been representing great companies in the utility market since 1974. We cover Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.http://www.ruffinandassociates.com55
Ruffin & AssociatesThumbnailWe are a manufacturer representative that has been representing great companies in the utility industry since 1974. we cover Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.http://www.ruffinandassociates.com56
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S&C ELECTRIC COMPANYThumbnailAs a global leader in medium voltage switching and protection and a top innovator of microgrids, S&C Electric Company is committed to helping keep the lights on for billions of energy consumers around the world. Founded in 1911, S&C has served the power industry with innovative products like Circuit Switcher, Pad-mounted Gear, Vista, Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, Omni-Rupter, Alduti-Rupter, Switches, Fuses, TripSaver, Radios, and IntelliRupter. S&C also provides a wide array of services for the power industry including studies, consulting, engineering, maintenance, EPC, Project Management and more.http://www.sandc.com119
SAE Inc.ThumbnailSAE Inc. (SAE) specializes in the development and manufacturing of conductive materials that are used in the production of electrical grounding and cathodic protection (corrosion control) systems. SAE also provides full-service electrical grounding design and engineering.http://www.saeinc.com66
Satec, Inc.ThumbnailManufacture of Energy Measurement and Power Quality Monitoring. Advanced Waveform and Fault recording products without interruption of circuits. SATEC provides a cost effective solution for electrical substation automation bringing more than a thousand electrical measurements with no interruptions of any circuit.https://www.satec-global.com/17
Schneider ElectricThumbnailSchneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation, providing integrated solutions to assist with the full spectrum of utility products and services; from central and distributed generation to customer engagement. We are active in over 100 countries with 138,000 employees and generate revenues of $25-30 billion annually. Our Energy Profiler Online (EPO) is a cloud-based energy management and demand response system designed to connect you with your commercial and industrial customers.https://www.schneider-electric.ca/en/work/services/cloud/utilities/energy-profiler-online/energy-profiler-online/81
Schweitzer Engineering LaboratoriesThumbnailSEL invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. This technology prevents blackouts and enables customers to improve power system reliability and safety at a reduced cost. A 100 percent employee-owned company headquartered in Pullman, Washington, SEL has manufactured products in the United States since 1984 and now serves customers worldwide. Our mission is simple: to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.https://selinc.com/22
SensusThumbnailEvery day Sensus helps utilities, cities, industrial complexes and campuses connect data, places and people in powerful new ways to do more with their infrastructure. Improve efficiency. Save money. Increase safety. Conserve resources. Promote economic development. And make a world of difference for a world of people.https://sensus.com/63
Service Electric CompanyThumbnailService Electric, a Quanta Services Company, provides a wide range of services to the electric power industry.With the vast resources of Quanta Services, Service Electric Company is more qualified than ever to provide the personnel, equipment and experience required to successfully take on today’s complex industry challenges. We are providing POWERFUL Solutions!http://www.serviceelectricco.com108
Seven States Power CorporationThumbnailSeven States Power Corporation (7SPC) was incorporated in 2007 by the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) as a separate, non-profit membership corporation with the powers of a generation & transmission cooperative to serve TVPPA’s 154 distributor members. The cooperative serves as a platform for designing, developing and deploying distribution services, including energy and demand solutions. Current areas of focus include renewables, distribution management services and generation ownership. Relative to other energy solutions providers, Seven States represents the community interest of local power companies as they navigate change through the distribution marketplace of the future. Seven States is a visionary solutions warehouse that offers relevant products and services customized to meet the unique needs of each local power company because our customers are our owners.https://www.7spc.com127
Seven States Power CorporationThumbnailSeven States Power Corporation (7SPC) was incorporated in 2007 by the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) as a separate, non-profit membership corporation with the powers of a generation & transmission cooperative to serve TVPPA’s 154 distributor members. The cooperative serves as a platform for designing, developing and deploying distribution services, including energy and demand solutions. Current areas of focus include renewables, distribution management services and generation ownership. Relative to other energy solutions providers, Seven States represents the community interest of local power companies as they navigate change through the distribution marketplace of the future. Seven States is a visionary solutions warehouse that offers relevant products and services customized to meet the unique needs of each local power company because our customers are our owners.http://www.7spc.com80
Sherman + ReillyThumbnailSince 1927, Chattanooga-based Sherman + Reilly, has been a leading manufacturer of equipment for underground and aerial transmission, and distribution of electrical power and communications systems, including a complete line of bundle blocks, pullers, tensioners, and reel trailers.https://sherman-reilly.com/company/about-us/123
Solomon CorporationThumbnailSolomon Corporation buys, sells, repairs, recycles, and disposes of transformers, regulators and reclosers. We are committed to providing unmatched service to our utility and industrial customers. Our engineering support, safety and environmental records and dedication to delivering quality products have set us apart from the competition for more than forty-five years. Our customers include municipalities, rural electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities, as well as industrial users.https://www.solomoncorp.com19
SOUTHERN STATES LLCThumbnailSouthern States, LLC, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage switching devices, increases utility system reliability by delivering next generation switching, automation, and protection solutions built on a century of service and customer care.http://www.southernstatesllc.com59
Southwest Electric CompanyThumbnailSouthwest Electric Co. is committed to keeping your facility up and running. For more than 70 years, we have been providing innovative solutions and exceptional service for our customers. We don’t want to simply sell you a product or service—we want to build a lasting relationship. Our wide range of national field services include but are not limited to switchgear, industrial motors, and transformers. We also provide a variety of custom products and motor repair.http://www.swelectric.com60
SPIDA SoftwareThumbnailServing the electric and telecommunication industries since 2007, SPIDA Software’s cost-effective Structure Management System is a unique platform developed to create a digital twin of utility overhead systems and a centralized portal for the coordination of activities including joint use and engineering. The platform includes SPIDAcalc, the industry’s trusted structural analysis software, and SPIDAstudio, the first-ever scalable, on-demand platform for the oversight of activity, analysis, and management of asset structural health. SPIDA Software’s solutions are developed and supported by a knowledgeable, passionate staff with extensive industry experience.http://www.spidasoftware.com113
StressCrete GroupThumbnailWith manufacturing facilities in five North American locations, StressCrete Group produces an extensive line of high-performance LED decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative spun concrete and metal poles, plus pole arms, accessories, bollards and site amenities. We manufacture a vast range of products for many industries including municipalities, power distribution and transmission, electrical and communications, and sports lighting. We are a family business that operates by the core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and respect to better the lives of our employees, their families, our customers and the communities we represent.http://www.scgrp.com117
Sumter UtilitiesThumbnailFor more than 75 years, Sumter Utilities, Inc. has served as the power contractor of choice for investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, and municipalities. We deliver high-quality electrical construction services, products and total electrical systems integration, including construction, maintenance and modification of Transmission Lines, Distribution Lines, Substations and Solar Power Cell Fields.http://www.sumter-utilities.com107
SurvalentThumbnailSurvalent is the most trusted provider of advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) for electric, water/wastewater, gas, and transit utilities across the globe. More than 600 utilities in 30 countries rely on SurvalentONE SCADA, OMS, and DMS to operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations. Our comprehensive substation automation solution, StationCentral, delivers real-time control and monitoring to help utilities enhance network performance and protect their investment in mission-critical substations. Our customers report significant operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and network reliability improvements using the fully integrated SurvalentONE platform. Since 1983, we’ve maintained a customer retention rate of 98.6%. Learn more at www.survalent.com.https://www.survalent.com/2
Swift Industrial Power, Inc.ThumbnailSIP is a turnkey DC Power services company that has been serving the Southeast for over 65 years. We offer sales, service, installation, testing, maintenance, and EF&I services.http://www.swiftpower.com3
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TCI of Alabama, LLCThumbnailRecycler of Oil Filled Electrical Equipment. We manage PCB, Contaminated and Non-PCB distribution and substation equipment. Site Service teams dismantle substation transformers for recycling. On site Detox process removes PCB's from Mineral Oil to less than 2 ppm for resale into lube markets.http://www.tcialabama.com52
TCI SalesThumbnailTCI Sales is a manufacturers sales rep firm representing Newell Porcelain, Oldcastle Cable Trench/Security Walls/Firewalls, EDM Phase Identification, and Coosa Valley Steel.http://tci-sales.com98
TelForce GroupThumbnailTelForce Group is a provider of Human Capital. We identify talent with proven track records of creating value with every placement or assignment for small privately held companies to large publicly traded organizations.http://telforcegroup.com/1
TRC CompaniesThumbnailTRC Companies, Inc is a professional engineering company tat offers distribution engineering services, comprehensive inventories, light audits, PLA, pole attachment inventories, joint use management (NJUNS, pole attachment permitting etc.) as well as contract negotiation for pole attachment agreements.https://www.trccompanies.com88
Tri-State Utility Products, Inc.ThumbnailTri-State Utility Products, Inc. is a sales and service organization that specializes in products for electric utilities. We operate as the exclusive business partner for most of our key product lines. We are staffed to market and sell technical products as we have done continuously since 1956. Our promise is to provide world class service through the exclusive representation of world class manufacturers in this industry. We will always recognize that our customers are the reason for our very existence and we will conduct our business accordingly.https://tsup.com/14
TSE International, Inc.ThumbnailManufacturer of utility equipment. Based out of Shreveport, LA TSE specializes in pulling and tensioning equipment for utility line construction and maintenance.http://www.tse-international.com110
TVAThumbnailThe Tennessee Valley Authority is a corporate agency of the United States that provides electricity for business customers and local power distributors serving 9 million people in parts of seven southeastern states. TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.http://www.tva.gov79
TVPPAThumbnailE&T Services maintains a comprehensive selection of utility-specific professional management and technical training programs for utility employees. TVPPA conducts training at regional locations and on-site. The mission of the Education & Training Committee, a standing committee of the TVPPA Board of Directors, is to provide guidance and oversight to TVPPA in the development and delivery of nationally recognized education and training opportunities to meet current and future electric utility workforce needs.http://tvppa.com122
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United Utility SupplyThumbnailFull line stocking distributor of utility products. Established warehouse locations in Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 24/7 Emergency Assistance. Maintains and operates our own truck fleet assuring service and reliability.https://www.uus.org25
USIThumbnailUSI (Utility Specialists, Inc.) is a manufacturer's agency representing a diverse group of quality companies such as Schneider Electric, Valmont Industries, Cree LED Lighting, ELectromark, Lindsey Manufacturing, and many more.http://utility-specialists.com/30
Uticom Systems, Inc.ThumbnailUticom Systems, Inc. has been assisting our clients for more than 30 years in the development, manufacturing and monitoring of their hazard alerting and utility graphics standards, procedures and products.http://www.uticom.net93
UTILCOThumbnailUTILCO is a privately held, US Manufacturer of aluminum and copper electrical connectors for secondary distribution. Features a complete line of mechanical connectors for underground and overhead applications.http://www.utilco.com15
Utility Training ServicesThumbnailUtility Training Services provides power line design training to utility personnel, nationwide. We are a proud TVPPA Training Partner - teaming up to bring our Power Line Design & Staking Certification, with in-class and online training options, to TVPPA member utilities.http://utshome.com/20
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Vantage Point SolutionsThumbnailBetter broadband means better lives. Vantage Point helps Cooperative and Municipal broadband providers deliver on that promise through start-to-finish engineering and consulting services. Every Community is unique, and our solutions are customized to meet your needs and goals from due diligence to deployment – and beyond.https://www.vantagepnt.com99
Versalift SoutheastThumbnailVersalift Southeast is a company-owned distributor of Versalift high-reach equipment that occupies several assembly, sales and service facilities in the Southeastern United States. As the Southeast region's distributor for Versalift truck-mounted aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks, we operate locations in Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas. Putting our customers' needs first helps them to address the tough challenges the occur in the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care and other industries.https://southeast.versalift.com/
Versalift SoutheastThumbnailVersalift Southeast is a company owned distributor of Versalift high-reach equipment that occupies several assembly, sales and service facilities in the Southeastern United States. As the Southeastern regions distributor for Versalift truck-mounted aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks, we operate in Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas. Putting our customers' needs first helps them to address the tough challenges that occur in the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care and other industrieshttps://southeast.versalift.com/
VFP, Inc.ThumbnailVFP, Inc., an employee owned company, has provided quality prefabricated structures to telecommunications, power, and modular building industries, worldwide, since 1965. Our diverse product line includes metal, concrete, and panelized structures. Products range from communication equipment shelters to substation control houses and commercial modular buildings. Design flexibility, unmatched quality, and superior customer service are the trademarks of VFP.https://www.vfpinc.com/21
Volt PowerThumbnailVolt Power is an Industry-leading Provider of Overhead and Underground Utility Services along with Joint Use Engineering. Volt Power Installs, Repairs, Maintains and Replaces Electrical Transmission and Distribution Power Lines. Volt Power's Core Values...Safety,Integrity, Accountability and Transparency Volt Power is a Premier Service Provider to the Electric Utility Industryhttp://voltpowerco.com116
VoltAire SystemsThumbnailVoltAire Systems manufacture a complete line of small ACs, 2000 to 12,000 BTU, along with 48VDC Heat Exchangers and a line of DC ACs.http://www.voltairesys.com27
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Watson Drill RigsThumbnailDrill Rig Manufacturer. Truck, Excavator, Crawler & Crane Carrier mounted units. Perfect for Foundation, Transmission & Distribution, Tower Construction applications in all types of dirt & rock.www.watsonusa.com
Wesco DistributionThumbnailSince 1922, WESCO has grown and transformed from a division of Westinghouse Electric into an industry-leading Fortune 500 supply chain solutions company.http://www.wesco.com34
White Harvest EnergyThumbnailhttp://www.whiteharvestenergy.com82
Whitehead & AssociatesThumbnailWhitehead and Associates is a Manufacturers rep company covering TVA and the Southern Company footprint. We have a full line offering of T&D products and services.http://www.whiteheadassoc.com118
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Yoder SalesThumbnailYoder Sales Agency, Inc. proudly represents some of the top manufacturers in the Electric Utility Industry. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, our team of sales professionals has over 40 years of combined experience. With coverage in the states of AR, KY, MS, and TN, Yoder Sales Agency, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, while at the same time, working with our manufacturers to achieve their goals and objectives.http://yodersales.com114