Annual Meetings 2019 hosted by AAR & SBL

AAR and SBL will be hosting an Instagram photo contest during the 2019 Annual Meetings in San Diego! Start looking for the items listed below, snap a photo with your phone, iPad or other device, and upload it to Instagram using the following hashtag #AARSBL19. Winners will be chosen daily. Valuable prizes such as gift cards and 2020 Annual Meeting registrations will be available to the winners!

How to Play

1. First, make sure your Instagram profile is Public so we can see your picture.

2. Second, snap a photo at the locations listed below to enter. Add the hashtag #AARSBL19 to the description or in your comments so we will be able to view it!

- Prizes will be awarded daily beginning Friday, November 22nd.

- Daily Prizes include Starbucks and Amazon gift cards.

- All photos must be uploaded no later than 12:00 PST, Tuesday, November 26th.

- The more photos you take, the more chances you will have to be entered to win the Grand Prize — Complimentary Registration to the 2020 Annual Meetings hosted by SBL & AAR in Boston!

- Winners will be contacted via Instagram daily so be sure to check your account!

Photo Contest

1. Take a photo of the Exhibit Hall Entrance, Annual Meetings Tote Bag, Annual Meetings signage, or Program Book.

2. Take a photo with your favorite session author, presenter, or panelist.

3. Take a photo of you buying a book.

4. Take a photo of your favorite San Diego meal.

5. Networking matters. Introduce yourself to someone new and snap a selfie.

6. Take a photo of your favorite San Diego landmark.

7. Take a selfie at a Sponsor’s booth (for a list of sponsors see your Annual Meeting Program Book).

8. Take a walk around the Convention Center and post your most creative photos of the Portal, the sculpture “Coming Together”, the Grand Staircase, the Waterfront, or any other part of the Convention Center.

9. Snap a group photo during a meeting, tour, workshop, session, or just grabbing a cup of coffee.

10. For bonus points, find the Instagram photo spot (you’ll recognize the hashtag #aarsbl19) in front of the exhibit hall and take a creative photo!