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Workshop Facilitators

Kerry Boffey

Chief Executive & Founder
Adult Learning Improvement Network & Fellowship of Inspection Nominees

Kerry has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping to develop and improve education and training providers to become high performing organisations nationally. Promoting outstanding practice and supporting providers with plans for growth and expansion to deliver quality programmes. As a former Ofsted inspector for over 16 years across all types of provision including study programmes, traineeships, apprenticeships, SEND provision and offender learning Kerry has been involved in the pilot inspections and leads on inspection related training across the country. Kerry is a regular conference and events speaker on inspection related topics. She also leads a quality committee on behalf of AELP with Ofsted bringing to the forefront AELP members issues and helping to shape inspections in the future.

Recently, in response to the needs of the sector to strengthen the role of the nominee and improve inspection outcomes Kerry founded the newly formed Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (fin). This unique organisation provides specialist help for providers to become more confident in preparing for an Ofsted inspection to minimise risk and maximise inspection outcomes.

Kerry and her team are also successful delivery partners for the Education and Training Foundation, for four years Kerry and her team have designed and delivered management programmes, SEND, Offender Learning and study programme support packages in addition to creating and developed innovative resources to support learner progress, maths, English and social action.

Peter Stacey

Principal Advisor
Adult Learning Improvement Network & Fellowship of Inspection Nominees

Peter Stacey is a former senior manager within further education colleges, independent training providers, employability training providers and offender learning and skills. In addition Peter has been a lead inspector and inspection manager for over 15 years.

Peter now applies this wealth of experience to supporting and helping to improve the performance of a wide range of training providers. Peter has specialist skills to focus upon key elements of leadership and management that impact upon the learner experience and achievements and assists good providers to aspire to achieve outstanding status and providers who require improvement to progress to good on their follow up inspection.

Peter has had a significant impact upon improving the work of a large number of training providers and in helping them achieve very high levels of performance and presents sector training activity on behalf of DfE, AELP and ETF. He is highly respected for his considerable inspection related knowledge and insight.

Each workshop will also have an Ofsted HMI or SHMI from the region speaking