2019 AISES Leadership Summit

About the AISES Leadership Summit

Metaphorically a summit is reaching a new height in skill, career, industry or effort, which is the precise meaning and design behind the AISES Leadership Summit. Held annually in the Spring, the Summit is a gathering of people who deeply care about science, technology, engineering and math, collectively known as STEM. It is a place where participants discuss various skills, core competency or training; they propose thoughts or ideas; they share resources; and they explore why focus and accomplishment in STEM fields and careers is important for everyone.

Goals of the Leadership Summit

schoolIncrease the skill and talent level of AISES members in professional and career development peopleDevelop AISES professional members as role models for the AISES college and graduate students workProvide AISES members with support and build their confidence to transition into the STEM workforce all_inclusiveProvide an environment that allows AISES members to “linger and learn” from each other and others

With a more intimate setting than the AISES National Conference, the Leadership Summit emphasizes the “state of progress in STEM” for Native higher education students (undergraduate and graduate) and professionals with direct development opportunities through two tracks – professional and higher education. The Summit brings together like-minded individuals to discover potential, offer strategies, improve learning, sharpen leadership techniques and build networks to take back to the work environment or class room so they can do their best work.

The Summit is leadership in action from elders, mentors, researchers, students and professionals that supports the emotional and the motivation in all of us.

It’s Our World! Together participants inform, interpret, and utilize STEM skills, knowledge, and opportunities to meet challenges, solve problems, build student readiness, and spark innovation that gives individuals the ability to compete in a highly competitive global economy.