Digital Transformation 2019

VIP & Special Events

We have arranged a number of special events to take place during your time at the Forum, and to make your experience more valuable, convenient, and enjoyable.
Please review the list of VIP and special events below and if you are interested in taking part in any, please contact to apply to attend, with two exceptions noted below. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

6:30 PM
VIP Dinner
Hosted by Hero Digital
Something Is Happening In The Business World 
The customer experience is now at the center of everything. But for executive leaders, owning it can be utterly exhausting. Join Hero Digital for dinner, classy cocktails, and executive networking during Forrester Digital Transformation & Innovation, where we discuss strategies for businesses to thrive in a human-centric economy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

7:30 AM
Open Breakfast (pre-registration not required)
Hosted by AppSheet
No-Code Apps—The No-Brainer Fast Path To Enterprise Innovation
In this panel, two industry veterans discuss how they build no-code apps to manage and support critical enterprise processes —from ideation to implementation to deployment to governance. Hear both IT and business developer perspectives on the benefits of no-code app platforms, sensible ways to incorporate them into an enterprise ecosystem, and why no-code is becoming the no-brainer fast path to digital excellence and innovation.
Paula Bell, Continuous Improvement, American Electric Power
Matt Brown, Principal Architect, EBSCO Information Services
Mary Ludloff, VP, Marketing, AppSheet
VIP Breakfast
Hosted by Helpshift
Strategies to Successfully Onboard Your Virtual Agents
Join Helpshift’s own Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Abinash Tripathy, as he hosts a conversation about strategically on-boarding AI and bots within existing Customer Service organizations. This session will present the opportunity for you to learn how Helpshift customers are successfully using AI and bots to automate more than 50 percent of their operation, elevate CSAT and drive customer happiness. You will take away:
  • 1. A clear strategy to welcome digital workers to your operations
  • 2. Best Practices to ensure the seamless integration of Humans + AI
  • 3. How to measure success in an Augmented Workforce with Bots and AI
Abinash Tripathy, Founder and Strategy, Helpshift
12:00 PM
VIP Lunches
Hosted by Cognitive Scale and Kryon Systems
Is AI The Solution Or The Problem?
Clearly, AI is here to stay. But while organizations are aware of the benefits they can achieve with AI, many still struggle first with where and how to get started, then how to achieve AI success repeatedly, and later how to ensure that their AI systems are trustworthy. These struggles are answered with AI that is practical, scalable, and responsible. The session will go into details of the common patterns, the adoption challenges, and best practices from working with global corporations and organizations.
Shay Sabhikhi, CEO, CognitiveScale
Transforming Business with RPA and AI-Powered Process Discovery: A Case Study with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Businesses from all sectors are dealing with the need to innovate and increase efficiency. Leveraging AI and automation is one of the ways for executives to transform how they do business and grow their bottom line. From AI-powered process discovery to a faster deployment of RPA technologies, the only way to get ahead of your competition is to do it faster and better. Join us to learn how:
  • Wyndham Hotel and Resorts uses AI-powered process discovery to discover and decide where to automate
  • Wyndham Hotel and Resorts scaled their RPA to automatically update their reservation platform
  • To benefit from an end-to-end solution that can transform your workforce and help you increase your ROI
Shawn Davis, VP, North America, Kryon Systems
3:15 PM
VIP Interactive Session
Hosted by Forrester
Moving Minds & Wallets: Get Financial and Cultural Commitment to Achieve Your Digital Transformation Goals
Join Forrester consultants for an interactive 60-minute session to learn how to take a deliberate, pragmatic approach to convince leadership, your peers and your market that being surgical and intentional about your digital transformation initiatives are critical to achieving business success. Forrester will guide you through the importance of empathy in developing digital initiatives and communication, and then provide education on the fundamental drivers for building effective business cases for digital investments.
Pippa Jollie, Director & Principal Consultant
Sean McCormick, Senior Consultant
Nick Phelps, Senior Consultant Anish Shah, Manager & Principal Consultant
For this session, please RSVP to
VIP Financial Services Session
Hosted by Forrester
Practical Approaches For Advancing Your Automation Agenda
Join Forrester’s financial services and AI experts for an exclusive industry roundtable discussion on how to guide your AI and automation investments for banking, insurance and wealth management firms and the overall impact of automation on your employees. We’ll explore learnings from current use cases in AI for financial services firms, learn how to develop and manage a portfolio of automation projects, and discover how employees’ work will evolve.
Huard Smith, VP, Financial Services Practice Lead
Craig Le Clair, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
For this session, please RSVP to
7:30 PM
VIP Dinner
Hosted by Apigee, part of Google Cloud  
Fireside Chat With Jason Smith, rMark Bio
Join us for dinner, drinks, and a fireside chat with Jason Smith, Founder & CEO, of rMark Bio and Raymond Peng, Digital Engagement Lead, at Google Cloud. We'll briefly discuss why rMark Bio adopted an API-first-approach and how APIs can drive digital transformation before enjoying a tasty meal at this classic Chicago steakhouse.
Jason Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, rMark Bio
Raymond Peng, Digital Engagement Lead, Google Cloud

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

7:30 AM
VIP Breakfasts
Hosted by Skuid and Neptune Software

How a Fortune 500 Customer Used Neptune DXP to Drive Business Innovation 
With legacy systems as old as IBM AS/400, ERP Software, and SaaS solutions, fragmentation has become a real challenge for the average enterprise. The solution to this problem is rapid innovation based on a low-code platform that has unmatched architectural flexibility. Learn how:
  • Fortune 500 companies have addressed this challenge with Neptune DX Platform
  • Johnson & Johnson drives business innovation with the Neptune DXP Platform
  • How to leverage offline capabilities to drive process improvement
  • How to reduce risk in your application development strategy.
Martin Beringer, CEO - North America, Neptune Software
Aravinda Boyapati, Senior Manager, UX and Advanced Tech Incubation Leader, Johnson & Johnson 
How To Unify Your Data And Create Applications As Unique As Your Business
Network with peers in a relaxed environment and hear valuable insights about enterprise application development. We’ll talk about the unique challenges IT faces today in the enterprise including: - Speed in application delivery - Growing developer backlogs - The need for more personalized user experiences Join us and learn how leading companies are addressing and overcoming these obstacles with Skuid.
Rich Slack, Chief Financial and Marketing Officer, Skuid
12:45 PM
VIP Lunches
Hosted by Maven Wave and Rogue Wave Software
How to Accelerate Data-Driven Insights in Regulated Industries
Aside from being highly-regulated, the Healthcare and Financial Services industries have another major theme in common: They require the power of the cloud to activate a data-driven business culture. Both industries collect and use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data as part of their day-to-day business process and therefore, an improved security posture is a prerequisite to a successful transformation. In this session, we'll discuss:
  • Customer stories about how we moved data to the cloud successfully and securely for highly regulated companies
  • How to adopt a cloud implementation to be regulatory compliant
  • Best practices for improved security posture and handling PII in the cloud
Patrick Crotty, Senior Principal, Healthcare, Maven Wave
Andrew Dunmore, Senior Principal, Financial Services, Maven Wave
Mike Lombardo, Principal, Cloud Migrations, Maven Wave
Disrupt Or Be Disrupted
Chances are your organization is either focused on disrupting your market or facing disruption from another, likely unexpected, direction. This session explores how APIs can provide a foundation for innovation and agility and learn:
  • Real-world examples of how companies leverage APIs to gain competitive advantage through disruption;
  • How companies are disrupting their own organizations to transform customer interactions
  • How companies are using APIs to reshape existing markets.
 Ian Goldsmith, Vice President of Product Management, Akana