35th International Symposium on Combustion

Invited Speakers


Elaine Oran
University of Maryland
Understanding Explosions: From Catastrophic Accidents to the Creation of the Universe

Not in order of presentation

Ann Dowling
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Interaction between Flames and Sound

Andreas Dreizler
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Advanced Laser Diagnostics for an Improved Understanding of Flame-Wall Interactions

Frederick Dryer
Princeton University, United States of America
Combustion Kinetic and Fuel Property Effects of Transportation Fuels

Gautam Kalghatgi
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Developments in Engine Combustion Systems and Implications for Future Transport Fuels

Not in order of presentation

Osamu Fujita
University of Hokkaido, Japan
Solid Combustion Research in Microgravity as a Base of Fire Safety in Space

Vincent Giovangigli
CNRS, France
Multicomponent Transport in Laminar Flames

Assaad Masri
University of Sydney, Australia
Partial Premixing and Stratification in Turbulent Combustion

Antonio Sánchez
University of Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Scales, Modeling and Open Challenges in Spray Combustion