AELP Workshop

Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers 2018 Workshop

Guarantee your future delivery of Apprenticeships through securing a place on the new register

New date:
Thursday, 13 December 2018 - Novotel, Birmingham


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After a period of providers waiting with baited breath, the ESFA have now released early details on the new process for the RoATP. The new register opens on 12th December, so why not join us to find out the steps you need to take to successfully become a registered provider.

Remember, if you part or wholly deliver an apprenticeship, and are in receipt of government funding to do so, you will have to be on RoATP. All existing providers have to reapply as well as those seeking registration for the first time. The ESFA have also made it clear that they are raising the bar in terms of gaining approval.

Session Objectives
  1. To having a clear understanding of the steps required for a successful RoATP submission
  2. To understand how to use past track record, processes, systems and performance data to support their submission
  3. To be clear on the process and questions, how to answer these and avoid the pitfalls
  4. To be able to effectively plan the submission and understand what comes next
Please view the Agenda for more information.

Target Audience

Independent Training Providers, Colleges, Employer Providers and Higher Education Institutes that want to access the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers for the first time or those wanting to update their skills for the impending re-registration period in early 2019.