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Aventri SMART Tag

All delegates, including exhibitors, receive an Aventri SMART Tag at registration to wear alongside their event credentials. Using proprietary BLE technology, the SMART Tag sends and receives continuous information on the attendee's footprint at the conference.


Aventri SMART Hub*

Traditionally when you exhibit at an event, in order to reach a delegate you have to make some kind of physical contact - either through the exchange of a printed business card or through new technologies that require connecting devices. While these methods work, there is always the danger of losing one lead while you are engaged with another, especially during busy expo floor events like Tuesday's Welcome Reception.


The Aventri SMART Hub eliminates that worry. Once the SMART Hub is placed in your booth, passive tracking monitors who visits your booth and how long they stay. A report is provided post-event so you can follow up on ALL your leads, not just the ones you were able to talk to.

Aventri SMART App*
Exhibitor Add-On

Are you a company decision-maker? What projects are you working on? When are you looking to purchase? What problems do you currently face? What is your role?
What information do you want to capture on the contacts you make? When you connect your SMART Tag with a delegate's tag, the Aventri SMART App Add-on allows you to access a special module where you can record their answers to your predefined questions. Choose from our list of suggested questions, or create your own unique questions. Get the answers you want, all stored in one convenient place. 

Aventri SMART Bag

Share digital collateral with delegates by adding a file to your exhibitor profile. Delegates can access these files when they return to the office. To email your pdf (max 10MB) file to us, click here.

 *Additional fees apply. Contact Vicki for details.