ACS Publications Forum: Diversity in Inorganic/Organic Chemistry
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ACS Publications Forum: Scientific Diversity in Inorganic/Organic Chemistry in Europe
October 10, 2018

7:45-8:15        Registration

      Opening Remarks

8:30-10:10      Session 1
                        Session Chair: Dr. Corinna Hess, Technical University of Munich

8:30-8:55        "Carbon Dioxide Utilzation: Using Well-Defined Metal Complexes as
                        PROF. CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS, University of Oxford,
                        United Kingdom

8:55-9:20        "From the Norbornyl Cation Story to Basic Organometallic and
                        Inorganic Coordination Chemistry at Iron and Uranium - Touring
                        the Periodic Table from Top to Bottom" 
                        PROF. KARSTEN MEYER,  Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-
, Germany

9:20-9:45         "Ylide-functionalization: A Powerful Tool in Main Group Chemistry
                         and Catalysis"

                         PROF. VIKTORIA DÄSSCHLEIN-GESSNER,
Ruhr University
                         Bochum, Germany

9:45-10:10        "Exploiting Physical Organic Principles in Reaction Design"
                         PROF. RYAN GILMOUR, Westfälische Wilhelms University
, Germany

10:10-10:30      Intermission & Coffee Break

10:30-12:10     Session 2
Session Chair: Prof. Paul Chirik, Editor-in-Chief,

10:30-10:55      "Charge Accumulation by Multielectron Transfer and New
                          Photoactive Metal Complexes"
                          PROF. OLIVER WENGER, University of Basel, Switzerland

10:55-11:20      "Synergistic Cooperation between Mechanistic Investigations and
                         Catalysis: Toward Rational Design"
                         DR. MÓNICA PÉREZ-TEMPRANO, Institute of Chemical Research
                         of Catalonia
, Spain

11:20-11:45      "Mechanochemical Activation in Asymmetric Synthesis
                         and Catalysis"
                         PROF. CARSTEN BOLM, RWTH Aachen UniversityGermany

11:45-12:10      "Functions of Inositol Pyrophosphate Messengers Revealed with 
                         Chemical Tools"
                         PROF. DOROTHEA FIEDLER, Leibniz Institute of Molecular
                         Pharmacology, Berlin
, Germany

12:10-13:30      Lunch & Poster Session

13:30-15:10     Session 3
                         Session Chair: Prof. Peter Comba, Director,
                          International Academic Forum Heidelberg

13:30-13:55     "Structure and Bonding of Multinary Heavy Element Clusters"
                         PROF. STEFANIE DEHNEN, Philipps University MarburgGermany

13:55-14:20     "When Boron Nucleophiles Meet Unexplored Reactivity"
                         DR. ELENA FERNÀNDEZ, University of Rovira, Spain

14:20-14:45     "Video Movies of Catalytic Processes: New Organometallic Players
                         on the Catalysis Scene"
PROF. VALENTINE ANANIKOV, Zelinsky Institute--Russian Academy
                         of Sciences, Russia

14:45-15:10      "Multicomponent Perfluoroalkylation Reactions by Visible-Light
                         Photoredox Catalysis"
                         DR. GÉRALDINE MASSON, CNRS University of Paris Saclay,

15:10-15:30      Intermission & Coffee Break

15:30-17:10     Session 4
                         Session Chair: Prof. William Tolman, Editor-in-Chief,
                         Inorganic Chemistry

15:30-15:55      "Inorganic Chemistry Inspired by Nature: Small-Molecule
                          Activation for Energy-Related Catalysis" 
PROF. FRANC MEYER, University of Gottingen, Germany

15:55-16:20      "Is Your Mechanism Correct? A Critical View on Computational
                         DR. KATHRIN HOPMANN, University of Tromsø, Norway

16:20-16:45      "The O-Directed Free Radical Hydrostannation Reaction of
                         Dialkyl Acetylenes: Scope, Reaction Mechanism and Applications
                         in Complex Molecule Total Synthesis"
                         PROF. KARL HALE, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

16:45-17:10      "X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of Biological Dinitrogen Reduction
                         in Molybdenum and Vanadium Nitrogenases" 
                         PROF. SERENA DEBEER, Max Planck Institute for Chemical
                         Energy Conversion
, Germany

17:10-19:00      Meet and Greet Editors Reception and Poster Session
                      Poster awards will be presented at a ceremony during
                          the ACS on Campus program on October 11.