2018 Kresge Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative Grantee Convening

Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative Grantee Convening

September 25-27, 2018 | San Diego, CA
Bahia Resort Hotel

The Kresge Foundation’s Environment Program is pleased to host the 2018 Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative Grantee Convening. 

The Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative (CR&UO) is focused on improving the resilience of low-income, urban communities in the face of climate change. Through this initiative, community-based nonprofit organizations have strengthened their capacity to influence local and regional climate-resilience planning, policy development, and implementation to better reflect the priorities and needs of low-income people in U.S. cities. The initiative also elevates as thought leaders within the climate-resilience field individuals and organizations who approach such work with a strong commitment to the inclusion and benefit of low-income people.

As a part of the Initiative, Kresge has created annual opportunities for our grantees who are working on climate resilience with a social equity frame to meet with and learn from one another. 

This fourth and final peer-learning event of the CR&UO Initiative is intended to connect and inspire a deeper sense of community among participants; celebrate grantee success; and create and strengthen the shared ownership of the future of equitable climate resilience work, and build a sense of agency on how to move the work forward.

Who Will Attend

Participants include Kresge grantees from 15 nonprofit organizations awarded multiyear implementation grants to support the implementation of work plans aimed at driving large-scale shifts in how their communities approach and execute climate-resilience strategies. Additional participants include coalition partners working in collaboration with the implementation grant recipients to execute their work plans; Kresge grantees from across the Environment Program’s portfolio involved in placed-based efforts, field-building, and other activities to strengthen climate-resilience in low-income communities; as well as peer funders and ally organizations. 

How to Register

  1. Book your travel (We strongly encourage you to book your return flight to allow for full participation in Thursday's programming)
  2. Click the "New Registration” button on the right-hand sidebar
  3. Select your affiliated grantee organization or "Other"
  4. Complete the registration fields with your information
  5. Print your confirmation record!

Please note that if you exit the registration site prior to receiving a confirmation, you will receive an email stating that your registration is incomplete. This email will include a link to start the registration process again.

Registration will close on August 17, 2018.