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340B University San Diego

Sabrina Aery [More Info]
Director of 340B Compliance and State Policy
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Apexus Answers [More Info]
John Barnes [More Info]
Senior Director of Contract Services
David Christian [More Info]
Pharmacy Director
Central Virginia Health Services, Inc.
Larry Crowder [More Info]
Director, 340B Solutions
Morris & Dickson, LLC
Amanda Gordon PharmD, MS [More Info]
Pharmacy Director 340B Programs
Mercy Health
Felicity Homsted [More Info]
Chief Pharmacy Officer
Penobscot Community Health Center
Chad Johnson PharmD, MBA [More Info]
Manager, 340B Education & Compliance Support
Rusol Karralli-Smith [More Info]
Director, 340B Education & Compliance Support
Gavin Magaha PharmD, MS [More Info]
Manager, 340B Education & Compliance Support
Jason Mills PharmD [More Info]
Manager, Supply Chain
Medical University of South Carolina
Karen Orso [More Info]
Senior Director of Marketing & Education
Katheryne Richardson [More Info]
Vice President, 340B Compliance
340B University [More Info]
Sue Veer [More Info]
President and Chief Executive Officer
Carolina Health Centers, Inc.
Alexandra Williams [More Info]
340B Program Manager
UNC Shared Services Center Pharmacy