2019 IS Amsterdam Sales
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Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Network with industry professionals in this intimate setting. Companies from all over the world will be exhibiting at this event. Exhibit space is limited.

Take advantage of this opportunity to network, making new connections and reconnecting with existing clients.

The exhibit area is in the primary reception area and is the passage area to the session hall.

There are only 18 exhibit spaces so choose your location for this program today.


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Company Name for Program: Exhibitor Logo Website (url) Booth number/ref
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Axion BioSystemsThumbnailwww.axionbio.com65
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Corning Life SciencesThumbnailwww.corning.com/lifesciences40
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GE HEALTHCAREThumbnailhttps://gelifesciences.com/cellanalysis55
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MaxWell BiosystemsThumbnailwww.mxwbio.com5
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NIPPON Genetics EUROPE & Ajinomotowww.nippongenetics.eu35
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Philips Molecular Pathway DxThumbnailwww.philips.com/oncosignal60
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Sonidel Limitedwww.sonidel.com25
STEMCELL Technologies IncThumbnail10
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Thermo Fisher ScientificThumbnail30, 85
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Union Biometrica, Inc.Thumbnailwww.unionbio.com20