AELP Workshop

Working with Employers to achieve vocational goals CANCELLED

Work Placements that Succeed: Developing Learners Beyond the Curriculum

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 - Holiday Inn Regents Park, London


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In this day-long workshop, delegates will learn about the ‘active ingredients’ in work placements: what enhances learning, develops learners’ skills, and engages employers. We will learn about how to develop and support placements and manage the risks. We will work on the whole process from approaching employers to post-placement review. Delegates will receive a Quality Assurance Framework to use, a list of resources for follow-up and will complete their own action sheets. It will be a very active day, with lots of discussion and shared exercises.

Course goals

  • explore evidence for work experience 
  • think about the types of work experience 
  • practise aligning work experience with learning goals 
  • plan the processes for managing work experience
  • identify the quality factors and their implementation 
  • discuss how to engage employers 
  • identify important resources


Delegates will be able to:
  • identify the benefits and risks of work placements
  • make contact and develop working relationships with local employers
  • analyse the links between activity on placements and the vocational curriculum / employment goals
  • understand and apply quality measures that distinguish effective from ineffective placements
  • understand the importance and the role played by safety and safeguarding 
  • act as work placement mentors / managers
  • ensure quality throughout the placement process
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of placements
Target audience
  • FE and Vocational Colleges
  • Providers of apprenticeship programmes
  • Providers of all kinds of employment support services for students, unemployed people, job seekers, graduates.
  • Employer’s own in-house recruitment and training staff
  • A mixed group from different types of organisations is good
  • Suitable for newcomers and improvers in work-placement activity