HIMSS Asia Pacific Innovation Hub

For the 5th year now, HIMSS Asia Pacific is searching for outstanding innovations that drive better healthcare outcomes. We call upon regional start-up organizations, innovators and solution providers to submit your application for this challenge. Show us how disruptive innovations can promote patient-physician engagement, encourage team-based care and lead to safer practices. Regardless of size, superior innovations can go behind providing clinically relevant health information. If your innovation has what it takes, participate and showcase! Stay tuned for more information.

This Challenge will take place at HIMSS AsiaPac19 in Bangkok this October.

2018 Participants
> PhysioRom: Automated Range-of-Motion Analysis via Telehealth by Coviu Global (Winner) 
> BioMind by Hanalytics Pte Ltd
> Digital Phenotyping Engine for Mood Disorder Prediction by Cogninat Pte Ltd
> LifeSys Medical Imaging Platform by Life Track Med
> Pregnabit - Digital Fetal Health Monitoring System for Telemedicine by NESTMEDIC SA
2017 Participants
> Project RoboCARES by Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd (Winner) 

> ACESOBEE by Acesome
> Transforming Healthcare Access Through Digital by Allied World Healthcare 
> APUK by Parleyhealth
> iNow-UAV by iNow
> GlycoLeap by Holmusk (KKT Technology Pte Ltd)
> My Film Bag by Zed Technologies
> Disease Management Analytics (DMA) by Global Mantra Innovations
> Vytal app and Vytal Connect by Vytal Healthtech Pvt Ltd
> 2017 Consumer Centered Hospital Initiative in China by The CareVoice
> WebQI: Quality Improvement Outline by Intelsoft
> MEHER by Mednxt Medical eServices Pvt Ltd
> Patient Records Ecosystem by ViDoc Healthcare Solutions Private Limited

2016 Finalists

2015 Finalists
> CardioStikTM by Biofourmis (Winner)
> Bosch Eyecare Solution by BOSCH
> Klinify by Klinify
> RingMD by RingMD
> The Living Heart Project by Dassault Systemes
> Winscribe Text by Winscribe