2018Next Generation Deal Making

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Alison Isherwood
AJ Isherwood Consulting Ltd
Greig Aitken
Head of M&A Research
Wood Mackenzie

Jon Fitzpatrick
Managing Director
Gneiss Energy

Jon Clark
Partner Transaction Advisory
Ernst & Young

Robert Hodges
Partner TAX
Ernst & Young

William Zimmern
Head of Global Macroeconomics

Rob Champion
Chartered Financial Analyst
New Age
Patricia Zegers-de-Bey
Saleve Energy Partners

Nick Ingrassia
Head of BD
Faroe Petroleum

Chairman Introduction and Welcome Gabriel Mynheer (Chairman- Analyst, Nexen)

Session I Introduction

Talk - Market Overview William Zimmern (Head of Global Macroeconomics, BP) View Bio

Panel session: An overview of Oil and Gas Industry deals past, present and the future Jon Clark (Partner Transaction Advisory, EY) View Bio
Greig Aitken (Head of M&A Research, Wood Mackenzie) - View Bio
Jon Fitzpatrick (MD, Gneiss Energy) - View Bio
Patricia Zegers-de-Beyl (Saleve Energy Partners) - View Bio

Session II Opportunity and Strategic Fit
Talk: Opportunity Mike Rosen (Head of Upstream A&D, BMO) View Bio
Talk: Strategic Fit Mike Rosen (Head of Upstream, BMO) View Bio


Session III Subsurface and Engineering

Talk: Subsurface Alison Isherwood (Consultant, AJ Isherwood Consulting Ltd
View Bio

Talk: Engineering

Session IV Economics and commercial

Talk: Economics Rob Champion (Chartered Financial Analyst, New Age) View Bio

Exercise: Economics

Talk: Fiscal/Commercial Robert Hodges (Partner Tax, Ernst and Young) View Bio

Chairman Introduction and Welcome Gabriel Mynheer

Session I Financing Options

Panel session: Financing Options Jon Fitzpatrick (MD, Gneiss Energy) - View Bio
Ben Iversen (CFO, Flowstream Commodities) - View Bio
Andrew Moorfield (Exotix) - View Bio
Andrew Austin (Chairman, Rockrose Energy) - View Bio

Session II Legal

Talk: Legal Hywel Davies (Corporate Partner, Slaughter and May) - View Bio


Session III Closing a Deal and beating the competition

Panel Discussion
Hywel Davies (Corporate Partner, Slaughter and May) - View Bio
Andrew Hine (ED M&A, Goldman Sachs) - View Bio
Nick Ingrassia (Head of BD, Faroe Petroleum) - View Bio


AAPG Europe
Next Generation Deal making Workshop

AAPG Europe is introducing a new Workshop – Next Generation Deal Making. The event aims to target those involved in all aspects of the next generation of Upstream Oil and Gas deals, allowing them to learn from the more experienced professionals in the industry. The workshop will encompass all parts of a “deal” from opportunity identification and strategic fit through to subsurface, financing and closing a deal.

With an enthusiastic and experienced committee of Young Professionals from all the related disciplines (BD, Economists, Subsurface professionals, Lawyers and Bankers) AAPG Europe intends to deliver an event that helps to improve one’s understanding of the full Deal Making process.

  • Improved understanding of the deal making process from inception to closing
  • Improved appreciation of the needs and priorities of each business function involved in a deal
  • Opportunity to network with wider spectrum of next generation deal makers
  • Insight into the future of Oil & Gas Industry deal making