ICTC 2018
Join us in Townsville, North Queensland for ICTC 2019
23 - 25 October, 2019 

Townsville North Queensland is a place to ramble, roam, explore and uncover an interesting, eclectic collection of destinations and attractions. 

Townsville boasts reefs and islands, outback and wetlands, rivers and rainforest, history and heritage – all within a short drive of the largest city in Northern Australia.
On Field Trips learn how Townsville is manifesting a new image for itself ... the perfect selfie background. On this journey you will uncover the emerging Townsville and its hidden gems. 

While demonstrating a roadmap to planning, designing and implementing a Resilient, Sustainable City and Community.

You will discover the challenges and opportunities for Transforming Townsville around activating economic and city building ideas for the city including: Cultural and Business Activation, Central Park, Pedestrian Flow, Green Linkages, Old Rail Yards, Ocean gateway the Blue Lagoon.


Townsville CBD Field Trip - From the street of eating, with a ‘fast charge’, we rush towards our new centre of activation in our city – the Townsville CBD. You will uncover a new reality for North Queensland with Townsville's world-class sports facility being built. In the CBD you will see how ‘blue buildings’ can make you happy, safer and reduce risks to your business.  
There'll also be a visit to the 'Gateway to the Ocean' (Port and Ferry district) and appreciate the Heart and Soul of Townsville. A jazzy trip by the ocean will see you transported from the Strand to Jezzine, where a shoreline whispers stories of war, natures wrath, joy and environmental beauty.
From resistance to resilience, journey through a climate of change into Townsville's living lab in the wetlands where students, teachers, and technology are Transforming Townsville by working with people to build lower cost, more productive and safer homes, businesses and streets in the CBD and suburbs.

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 Images courtesy of Townsville Enterprise