ICTC 2018
Fremantle Arts & Cultural Hub Tour

Thursday 15 November 1pm - 4pm (runs concurrently with conference speaker program)

Tickets: Standard $35  
Numbers strictly limited and available to full conference delegates only.

To make a city into a beautiful resonating magnet, we must nurture the dreamers and the makers. Join creative people in their own creative and eclectic working hubs to understand why artists thrive in Fremantle and why they are intrinsic to the port city’s unconventional character and charm.

Stackwood - boutique concept store

Stackwood is a unique boutique concept store and creative venue housed in a former diesel workshop in Fremantle. 

The Stackwood project is more than just a shop, with community events and markets, hands-on workshops and a cafe. The focus is on locally made products for your home and garden; with handmade ceramic vessels and pots alongside a lush jungle of indoor plants.

Learn how the Stackwood project came about and how it’s leading the way in transforming an industrial area into a lively residential and arts and cultural hub.

Fibonacci Centre - incubation

Dreamt and made by Robby Lang, the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre has provided a space for people to try out their ideas. It is an incubation chamber for ideas. A community of artists and makers creating and working together. 

Robby will explain how the centre operates and how it promotes diversity in arts and cultural endeavours.


Fremantle Arts Centre

Visit the Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) and meet those responsible for making this gothic heritage building one of Western Australia’s best. 

FAC is one of the leading multidisciplinary arts organisations in the country and the City of Fremantle’s premier arts service.

Housed within an iconic heritage building and boasting beautiful grounds, FAC presents world class contemporary art exhibitions from local, national and international artists.



FAC hosts a variety of concerts and performing arts events, art courses for adults and children and an Artist in Residence program. FAC is also home to the shop FOUND which sells the largest range of WA-designed, handcrafted products by local artisans.

 Hear from the Director about how the Arts Centre is managed, the building’s history and some recent key projects.

Kidogo Arthouse

The Kidogo Arthouse is a unique exhibition space located at the edge of the sea at Bathers Beach. Housed in a beautiful, heritage listed building, the galleries provide pristine art space in a rustic setting where a wide variety of artwork can be exhibited. The Arthouse and surrounding courtyard is also a popular venue for private functions, musicians, poets and authors to stage live performances and events. 

Hear from the owner Joanna Robertson about how she has worked with the City of Fremantle to leverage arts as a means to revitalise the Bathers Beach area.