Women Give 2018

Women Give 2018 Programme

What:     New Zealand’s first summit dedicated to women’s philanthropy and the power of girls and women as change-makers.
When:    March 6th, 2018, in the lead up to International Women’s Day
Where:   Ellen Melville Centre, 1 Freyberg Place, Auckland City.



Registration, coffee and networking


Summit opening

We’re delighted to have Sarah Trotman as our MC. Sarah is a well-respected and recognised New Zealand business leader, a sought-after mentor and a women of insight, charm and empathy.




The Six C’s Plus Three of women’s giving

Gender differences in giving are real. Hear about the motivations behind our giving: Change, Create, Commit, Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate. Dellwyn Stuart, CEO Auckland Foundation and Women’s Fund.




Women leading the way

A panel of women who are actively giving. What motivates them? What are the challenges? How does their giving differ?
An opportunity to put questions and learn from those already making a difference.





Realising women’s potential

While we rate highly as a country for gender equality, we are long way from this in practice. How we are doing as girls and women in New Zealand and what is needed to get to a truly gender equitable society. 
Dr Gill Greer, CEO National Council of Women. 




Te whare tangata

Talented, strong, & driven. Maori women are the life force of their communities. Hear Veeshayne Patuwai, Programme Director at Urutapu speak about her passion for tamāhine leadership and the unique opportunity to actualise the potential of young Māori women to be transformation leaders in their communities.




Talk it out

After a stimulating morning, it’ your turn to discuss what you see as the burning issues and needs for women and girls.


Lunch and a chance to meet new people, catch up with old friends.




Why gender is important

Philanthropic dollars are limited. Hear about why funding women and girls is fair, effective and just. Test your own subliminal bias - the boxes we put girls and women in and how we can correct our sight with a gender lens in our giving.
Julie Reilly, CEO Women Donors Australia, an organisation that presents the facts about women’s disadvantage and the effectiveness of funding women and girls.




Collective Giving & Women’s Funds

Collective giving is attractive to women of all ages and has grown significantly around the world in the past decade. They are highly flexible, democratic, learning vehicles for effective giving, and often attract women who have not previously been giving in a strategic manner. Hear from those women charting the way in this space, in an interactive session where you can put questions and discuss the difference forms.




Every scar is a reminder that you’ve survived

Michele A’Court, big sister of the nation, will share some observations on feminism, how we’re doing, and the unique way women support each other.



Questions and answers session followed up by summing up of what will be an inspiring and informative day, from our MC, Sarah Trotman.  

4 - 5pm


If you’re not rushing to make a flight, join us for glass of wine and something to snack on.
the Wine Room at Vivace (50 High Street).