HIMSS AsiaPac18 Conference & Exhibition


By registering, I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below.

Registration Confirmation 
Registration confirmations are auto-generated and sent to the email address provided during the registration process. If you did not receive your confirmation, please contact HIMSS Online Registration Secretariat at himssreg@miceapps.com or +65 6379 5268 or +65 6379 5305, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Singapore Time.

Conference Badge Pickup
Badges can be printed at any registration area during the published open hours. HIMSS will not mail any badges in advance. All badges must be picked up on-site. A fee of AUD50 applies if badge reprints are required.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Full conference registrations, exhibit hall only passes, and single day registration fees, are refundable, less an AUD$100 cancellation fee, only if a cancellation notice is submitted to himssreg@miceapps.com on or before Friday, October 5, 2018. Registration fees for cancellations received after Friday, October 5. 2018 are not refundable. You cannot reinstate a registration after you cancel it. HIMSS membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cancel a registration and are entitled to a refund, expect the refund within 30 days post conference.  

Substitution Policy
Registrants unable to attend the conference may send a substitute. If the substitute is not a HIMSS member, payment of the non-member fee will be required for the substitute to attend. 
Your substitute must register for the conference and pay the fee associated with registration. Once completed, please send the substitute's registration ID to the HIMSS Online Registration Secretariat at himssreg@miceapps.com. Your registration will be cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded. If the substitution takes place on-site, the substitute must bring a letter on company letterhead authorizing the substitution.

Our online registration site is a secured site. Major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Wire transfers may also be made by registering online, selecting the wire transfer payment option and sending the payment by 21 Sept 2018 for Early Bird Rate and by 28 October 2018 for Standard pricing to:

Conditions for Payment by Telegraphic Transfer:

1. Telegraphic Transfers should be made payable to "Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society” in Australian Currency (AUD) of the amount showing in the invoice.

a) Bank Account Details: 

Australian Bank Account Wire Transfer Information:
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Sydney Branch
Bank Swift Code: CHASAU2X
BSB: 212 200
Beneficiary Account Name: Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society
Beneficiary Account Number: 01 009 7395

Reference – HIMSS AsiaPac18 registration confirmation number and your first and last name 

b) Please indicate the registrant's name and address on the front of the Telegraphic Transfer advice and either email or fax the advice to:

HIMSS Registration Support
Contact: (65) 6664 1190

Ability to Consent to or Withhold HIMSS’ Provision of Your Registration Personal Data to Exhibitors and Sponsors

You have the choice to provide or withhold consent to the provision of your registration personal contact information to exhibitors at the conference. If you permit an exhibitor to scan the bar code on your conference badge, you are providing opt-in consent to HIMSS to provide your personal registration information to the exhibitor (which HIMSS does in a secure fashion). The bar code does not link to your personal registration information. This is why your consent is necessary to have HIMSS provide it. When you have your bar code scanned you are also confirming your consent to receive communications from the exhibitor. You can opt-out of having HIMSS provide your registration personal contact information to an exhibitor by declining to have the exhibitor scan your badge.

HIMSS and its Sponsors
HIMSS and its sponsors hold events and business opportunities at the conference to which they require HIMSS to provide the registration personal contact information of attendees who attend them. HIMSS and its sponsors may require that your badge be scanned by the HIMSS or the sponsor in order to attend an event. You acknowledge that if you do not permit your badge to be scanned you may not be able to attend the event if HIMSS or the sponsor requires that badges be scanned to gain admittance. 

By clicking on the box indicating that “I have read and agree to the policies”, you agree that allowing your badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or by a sponsor is opt-in consent to allow HIMSS to provide your registration personal information to that exhibitor or sponsor and to receive marketing materials and other communications from them. 

HIMSS does not share your registration personal contact information including emails with exhibitors or sponsors prior to, during or after conference unless you have provided consent to do so as noted above. If you receive an unauthorized email from an exhibitor, contact the exhibitor directly to remove your name from its distribution list. You may also alert HIMSS at vooi@himss.org.

Collection of Registration Personal Contact Information by HIMSS 
If you attend any conference programs, including keynotes or general sessions, lounges or networking events, HIMSS may require you to have your badge scanned. The scanning of your badge is your consent to having your registration personal contact information shared with conference producers and HIMSS partners unless you have opted out of receiving HIMSS communications in accordance with the instructions in this registration form.

Other Policies
HIMSS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule programs and to close registration when programs are sold out. For these reasons, registrants are advised against purchasing non-refundable airline tickets. Should HIMSS ASIAPAC18 be cancelled, your registration fee will not be refunded, but will automatically be applied to the next HIMSS AsiaPac Annual Conference & Exhibition. 

By registering for HIMSS ASIAPAC18, you agree to the following policies and terms and conditions. 
You acknowledge that HIMSS, or others acting on its behalf, may take photographs and video (by any means) and/or make sound recordings at events (including through social media) and that you may appear in such photographs and videos and be heard in such sound recordings, and that HIMSS may use these for its own use or make them available to others or public (including through social media) (one or more of the foregoing, “published”). You consent to being photographed (including in videos) and recorded and to have your image and voice published. 
You are prohibited from photographing (or video recording any image by any means) and making sound recordings of any part of any educational session (including through recording on social media feeds) unless you have obtained written permission in advance from HIMSS. 
You provide permission to receive emails and mailings related to the HIMSS AsiaPac Annual Conference 2018. If you wish to opt-out of receiving any of these materials, you may do so by emailing vooi@himss.org

For security reasons, badge swapping is not permitted. Anyone found wearing a badge that does not match his or her identification will be evicted from the conference without a refund, and his or her registration will be canceled. A government-issued photo ID is required to pick up your badge on-site. 
Event attendees are expected to behave responsibly and to treat each other and the community with respect, kindness and compassion. HIMSS ASIAPAC18 reserves the right, without refund, to revoke the credentials of attendees whose conduct is deemed inappropriate, disorderly or offensive by HIMSS, affiliated third parties or local authorities. 
HIMSS ASIAPAC18 is a private event and has a weapons-free policy. Attendees and others are prohibited from carrying weapons of any kind, including concealed or displayed firearms. Attendees and other are not permitted to bring weapons onto the premises of any official HIMSS ASIAPAC18 events. HIMSS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without refund, to deactivate and/or revoke the credentials of participants who violate this weapons-free policy. Participant agrees that this policy is in force, and agrees to comply with the policy, regardless of whether signs prohibiting weapons are posted at the premises of any official HIMSS ASIAPAC18 event. 
Failure to comply with any of the above may result in registration cancellation without refund. HIMSS reserves the right to expel from the conference anyone who does not comply with any of the foregoing.

HIMSS Privacy Practices
The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, a U.S. not-for-profit corporation (collectively referred to as “HIMSS”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice), is the controller of the personal data you provide for purposes of law. HIMSS includes its affiliated entities, which may also act as a controller or processor for purposes of law of such data. We collect and process personal information about our registrants, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and conference delegates, and use this information in connection with organizing and hosting this event. We collect personal information such as your name, title, organization, position, industry, address, email address, phone number and other information you may choose to share with us. We share your information with third parties that help us manage the event, including service providers that assist us with event administration, such as badge management, hotels, transportation providers and other logistics vendors. To help prevent unauthorized access and maintain data security, our registration system has reasonable and appropriate electronic procedures in place to safeguard and secure the information collected online, and HIMSS has made efforts to securely store all information transmitted online. To learn more about our privacy practices, including your rights, such as right to access, amend and delete the personal data held about you, please view our Privacy Policy.