2018 National Title IV-E Roundtable
Program Details

This year’s program will focus on both the fiscal and programmatic aspects of public, tribal, and university child welfare training and education partnerships. It will provide specific tracks for certain interest groups, including hands-on work sessions for state and university fiscal administrators, to agency or university program leadership, and to those designing educational or training programming. 
There will be opportunities for peer to peer learning across jurisdictions and we encourage you to come as a team from your jurisdiction, bringing program and fiscal leadership from university and agency partners so that you may learn together.

Previous conferences have taught us the value of learning together. As in years past, we will offer opportunities for team consultation with those who have expertise in funding these complex partnerships. We are working hard to develop a rich experience for you at the National IV-E Roundtable Conference. 

Agenda Information
Click here for the official agenda for The 2018 National IV-E Roundtable for Child Welfare Training & Education. This information will be updated as keynote, plenary and workshops are finalized.

Consultation Sign-up
Consultation time slots for Don Schmid are now full. We are excited to announce that we have added time slots for an additional consultant, Kay Casey. Kay's bio is reflected below. Click here for possible time slots to have a consultation with Kay Casey. To request a time, please email Amber Desjarlais at amber28@pdx.edu.

Consultant Biographies

Kay Casey
After many years in the field of child welfare, Kay developed expertise in federal funding and claiming for the Florida child welfare system. Following her Florida experience, Kay worked for the ACF Region IV Office reviewing and approving Title IV-E claims of the eight Southeastern states.  Her career then led her to her current leadership and consulting role with PCG, where she has worked with over 30 states, counties and tribes on making sure the partnership between state, county and tribes can successfully fund the work serving the most vulnerable children and families.  A priority for Kay and her work is to ensure that funding strategies reflect the most current regulations, policies and directives from the federal government to provide for the  federal share of child welfare program support. 

Don Schmid
For over two decades, Don Schmid has been a nationally-recognized expert in managing and funding child welfare systems, tribal and state partnerships and state and public college training partnerships with special emphasis on Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. Prior to that, Don worked for the North Dakota Department of Human Services for more than 36 years, which included 12 years as the state Director of Children and Family Services. As a consultant, Don has worked with 23 states and may Indian tribes, colleges, private non-profits and foundations throughout the United States.

Previous Conference Information
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