Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow 2018
What it takes to Succeed

Here's what judges have said about award-winning Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow projects. Learn from these teams' successes by considering these comments as you develop your own project.


First Place, Food, Energy & Water Challenge-Technology
Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA-Developing 
a Device to Assist with the Field Application of Solar Water Disinfection
"Project was really innovative and has a lot of potential. Congratulations!"
"Great job. Keep working this project; it will have a major impact if it goes to fruition."
"They have read and understood a lot of research relevant to this and have developed an approach that should address the problems they have found in existing solar water disinfection."

First Place, The Boeing Aerospace Challenge-Design
Camas High School, Camas, WA-Building a Living (Outer) Space

"Very, very fantastic presentation. My favorite that I've seen."
"I love that they explored so many options and considered so many reason for your results. Great application of the scientific method."
"Very well thought out experiment design and implementation."

First Place, The NARA Biofuels Challenge-Behavior
Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA-Trillion Ton Problem

"Clear understanding of the problem of informing public about accurate info regarding renewable fuels."
"Using a game to teach students about biofuels is an innovative approach to solving the problem of awareness  and understanding of biofuel long-term benefits."
"The project offered clear and testable questions."

First Place, The McKinstry Built Environment Challenge-Technology
Vancouver iTech Preparatory, Vancouver, WA-Giving Green

"Trees as streetlights! [It doesn't] get more creative than that."
"I was impressed by the limitations they faced over the years and how they overcame them."
"Well thought out. Key references cited. All team members seemed knowledgeable on various aspects of the project."



First Place, Behavior Challenge
Issaquah High School, Issaquah, WA, Sustainable Retrofitting App

"Well thought out. Impressive Potential. Generational."                              
"Fantastic job! Excellent engagement from full team."                                      
"The objective was achieved and the solution is absolutely workable."

First Place, Design Challenge
Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA, Imagine Seattle Tomorrow
"An innovative proposal that addresses an important problem. Short and long-term considerations as well as thorough background research."                          
"Didn't stop with obvious solutions and showed creative and divergent thinking to solve secondary and tertiary issues."

First Place, Biofuels Challenge
Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA, Recycling Waste Heat for Biohydrogen Generation
"Well laid out objective and demonstrated how it would work when it's more economically feasible."
"Innovative and creative!"                                                                      
 "Excellent research and synthesis of unrelated studies into a new system."

First Place, Technology Challenge
Henry M. Jackson High School, Mill Creek, WA, Generating Electricity from Industrial Waste Heat
"Clear objective with well tested results"                                                    
 "Great use of research and applying new thinking to find new approaches."          
"True scientific thought; well done!"


First Place, Behavior Challenge
Hellgate High School, Missoula Mont., Cup – Just Own It

“Wow. Floored me. Well executed, clear, concise, engaging.”
“Empirical data.... Ready to go big time!”
“They are already testing this in the marketplace and being successful.”
“I love how you’ve expanded your methods, data collection, and impact.”

First Place, Design Challenge
Issaquah High School, Issaquah Wash., Energy Saving Shower
“Very cohesive teamwork, answered all questions presented to the team.”
“Clearly stated limitations and pro-actively addressed them.”
“Broadly and thoroughly researched with a case study to support.”

First Place, Biofuels Challenge
STEM High School, Redmond, Wash., Cellulosic Ethanol: A New Look at the Transition to Renewable Energy
“Great idea - prepare to protect your intellectual property if it works.”
“They merged different technologies… they are doing engineering.”
“Ambitious but with clear objectives.”

First Place, Technology Challenge
STEM High School, Redmond, Wash., Reimagining the Electric Car
“Explored both technical [capacities] and public perceptions.”
“Excellent display of research-concept-hard copies, computer graphics.”
“A high level of concept - creating a team that really understands both the engineering and organizational behavior issues. Really great teams have both.”
“Clear objective resulting in a clear prototype to show an approach that results in demonstrable results.”


First Place, Behavior Challenge
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Mont., Gaming for the Future
"I was impressed that the students created/programmed the video game and test themselves."
"The team had clearly thought through the whole project." 
"Some of the most professional attire and presentation skills I witnessed at this event."

First Place, Biofuels Challenge
Henry M. Jackson High School, Mill Creek, Wash., The Effect on Methane Production During the Anaerobic Digestion of Cow Manure Along with Biodegradable Plastic
"A new approach to bioplastics recycling!"
"Very thorough, comprehensive understanding of the problem."
"Well thought out talking points. All team members spoke and answered detailed questions."

First Place, Design Challenge
STEM School, Redmond, Wash., CORE

"All-encompassing, well though out, well researched, well presented concept."
"Everything was done with the end user/customer in mind."
"Awesome use of multiple media—€”full model, comp model, website, poster. Great participation from all students."

First Place, Technology Challenge
Union High School, Camas, Wash., IHEMS

"They have created a commercially ready product."
"They did patent searches, wrote software, created functional prototypes."
"Great teamwork, great bulleted charts and presentation."
"They showed real-life examples of the impact with their cites from scientific literature."
"This is an advanced project. This is more like a senior design project at a college level."


First Place, Behavior Challenge
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Mont., Oracle: Growing Tomorrow
"These gentlemen drew their hypothesis, then researched the possibilities, and have a plan for fulfillment."
"I appreciated that the students conducted surveys of over 400 students."
"Well presented, well spoken, and completely knowledgeable about their subject matter. Excellent."
"Utilizing repossessed hydroponic equipment for a community project is brilliant!"
"The team is working with school district food staff, superintendent, and community. Nice coordination."

First Place, Biofuels Challenge
Cascade High School, Cascade, Idaho, Designing a Photosynthetic Bioreactor
"This is a fine and well-researched project on a complicated set of issues involving more than one-step chemistry."
"Beautiful display attracted many judges. Presenters were enthusiastic and confident."
"Great merging of alternative energy, CO2 capturing, and sewer waste processing—€”all in one project!"
"Provided materials and methods. It is clear they did their background work."

First Place, Design Challenge
Camas High School, Camas, Wash., Nature's Filter
"Identifying a community problem and trying to solve it—excellent!"
"Huge problem, simple solution. Brilliant."
"Crystal clear, relevant, and market-ready."
"Comprehensive presentation with working model."
"Excellent scientific process and interpretation of results."

First Place, Technology Challenge
Todd Beamer High School, Federal Way, Wash., Enhancing a Nuclear Fusion Reactor
"This team blew me out of the water. It felt like much more than a project—€”more like the beginning of a lifelong passion."
"[Students] appear to be experts and matched my knowledge of fusion from my research."
"These students worked together very well and had an unusual grasp of a difficult subject. Most important was their appreciation of scientific method and mature acceptance that failure occurs more often than success."
"They are very excited and motivated....Spooky smart." 


First Place, Behavior Challenge
Camas High School, Camas, The Green Machine Education Through Compost
"These students went above and beyond to conduct thorough research and [show] application of their project."
"Their written material and verbal presentation showed very strong understanding of all aspects." 
"Students were prepared for questions."
"The project is well designed and ready to implement."

First Place, Design Challenge
Ballard High School, Seattle, Algae Today, Oil Tomorrow
"All members of the team discussed [the project] and took an active role."
"I liked how they anticipated what I would ask!"
"Application of algae-based power to home/community use is innovative."
"Great prep work and research."


Grand Prize
Heritage High School, Vancouver, Oil Collection and Biodiesel Collection
"Impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the team—€”all [members were] involved in discussing the technical aspects of the project."
"Outstanding creative solution to the objective."
"Procedures well tested, well thought out."
"Team is knowledgeable in the chemistry behind the process."

First Place, Behavior Challenge
Lake Roosevelt High School, Coulee Dam, Solar Water
"Good presentation and materials."
"Very good idea, clearly stated. Creative and ambitious."

First Place, Design Challenge
Tacoma School of the Arts, The ABCs of Composting

"Website integration into elementary classroom—impressive!"
"They knew the topic."

First Place, Multidisciplinary Collaboration Challenge
Heritage High School, Vancouver, Energy Smart

"They wove [ideas] into a tapestry of what could be future policy."
"Well presented, enthusiastic, good visuals."

First Place, Technology Challenge
Bellingham High School, Lauric Acid Heat Sync

"Good idea, easily tested/measured, solid methods, easily understood, simple presentation of results."
"Very few presentations cited research; this is one of the few."