Nomination criteria

We are delighted to announce the final nominations for the AsiaHedge Awards 2017, which will be held on 26 October at Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong. 

The nominations are based on performance numbers for the full 12-month period under review for this year's Awards, from September 2016 to the end of August 2017.

The AsiaHedge Awards, now in their 16th year, aim to recognise the best risk-adjusted performers in the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry across a wide variety of categories, with awards being based on a combination of Sharpe ratios and absolute returns.

The awards are judged on a long-established methodology focusing on the risk-adjusted performance of funds, with our aim being to let the numbers do the talking.

The nominations and eventual winners are decided by a quantitative process, which aims to recognise the two primary aims of hedge funds – to manage volatility and to deliver positive returns for investors.

For the one-year strategy categories, the minimum asset levels required to qualify for nominations remain unchanged at $50 million – with nominations being based on outright returns and Sharpe ratios over the 12-month period.

The winners in the main strategy categories will again be those funds which meet the relevant criteria and which achieve the highest returns – so long as they are within 25% of the best Sharpe ratios within their nominated peer groups.

To qualify for nominations, funds must also achieve annualised returns higher than the median returns for their peer groups and they must be within 10% of their high-water marks that were set before the start of the 12-month period under review.

For the New Fund, Management Firm and Fund of the Year awards – which include funds and firms operating across different strategy areas – nominees and winners are judged on additional comparative criteria as well as absolute returns and Sharpe ratios.

Exceptions to the standard asset size criteria include the New Fund Award (where the minimum size is $10 million), for Management Firm of the Year (where the minimum assets are $500 million), for the two Long-Term Performance – Five Years awards (where the minimum assets are set at $250m and $500 million respectively), for Long Term Performance – 10 Years (where the minimum is $500 million) and for Fund of the Year (where the minimum is $500 million).

For the Fund of the Year award, for which the minimum asset size is $500 million, we will take into account the relevant winners in various categories – as well as other funds with exceptional performance which may have missed out on winning other awards by being narrowly outside the range on Sharpe Ratio.

As is traditional, nominations for overall Fund of the Year will not be announced until the evening of the event itself.