KAPPA 2017 Fall Meeting
Keynote Presentation

Tracey Jones
Tremendous Life Books

"A Message to Millennials "
Thursday, September 28
1:00 pm

A Message to Millennials is a must for any individual looking to develop their leadership skills or organization intent on developing the next generation of leaders. Learn practical tips and truths that will allow you to understand millennials, and for millennials to understand how they fit into the organization.

Author of eight books (and counting), Tracey C. Jones is the president of Tremendous Life Books. 

A former Air Force officer and Gulf War veteran, Tracey’s storied career in uniform took her from Roswell, New Mexico to stations in Germany and England, where she honed her operational expertise and tremendous leadership skills in a number of command roles. A Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, native, Tracey is a graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute and the Air Force Academy.

With twelve years in the Air Force, another ten in corporate boardrooms, plus an MBA in Global Management, Tracey built an impressive career as a corporate “fixer.” Her deep love of education propelled her to continue her educational pursuits in a Philosophy of Leadership doctoral program.

Her father, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, founded Executive Books in 1965 with the goal of changing the world one book at a time. After amassing an exceptional leadership background of her own, Tracey took the company’s reins in 2009 – and carries on her father’s tremendous legacy today.
Afternoon Program


Gary L McGovern, FIC
Financial Associate, Thrivent Financial
Tyrone, PA

"Financial Investment Concepts and Information for Younger KAPPA Members"
Thursday, September 28
2:45 pm

Topics to be covered include: financial planning for retirement and long-term needs; financial planning for childrens' college and mid-term needs; financial planning for short-term needs; the role of insurance; and tax-related issues.


Jim Creedon
Creedon Management Associates
Bethlehem, PA

"The New Dynamics of the Client-Professional Relationship"
Thursday, September 28
2:45 pm

Based on extensive experience as the client, and time spent as the professional, and current research on the successes, challenges and failures of today’s relationships, this presentation will candidly discuss how a change in our approach to being the client and a change in the professional’s approach to maintaining a relationship with the client is the key to a successful project. Using the project life cycle as the roadmap, this presentation will examine how the client and the professional both succeed and fail in managing their relationship and how they can take steps early to create a strong, open relationship that leads to a more successful project.


Herb Brychta
AE Works
Pittsburgh, PA

"Understanding and Effectively Communicating with your Security Manager"
Thursday, September 28
2:45 pm

Security in today’s institutes of higher learning is complex. This session seeks to provide attendees with an understanding of security measures and the process by which they are generated. Developing an understanding of threats, vulnerabilities and risk, as well as the logical connection between them will allow for improved communication with security personnel. Specifically, this presentation will explain the process behind vulnerability assessments, the links needed for security measures to be effective, and the cultural considerations for physical security.