Recent Advances in Neuroscience & Orthopedic Conference


On behalf of the organizing committee, we have the pleasure of inviting you for the Recent Advances in Neuroscience and Orthopedic Conference hosted by Medetarian Conferences Organizing (MCO), and brought to you by Apollo Hospitals Group India.

Apollo Hospitals Group India has been listed among one of India’s largest, most prestigious, medical and educational centers, accredited by the Joint Commission International. The Apollo Doctor's from Department of Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery will be presenting their experiences of extending medical care to international patients.

The sessions proposed under the scientific program are on the latest technological developments in the basic neuroscience as well as the recent advances made in the diagnostics, management and therapeutics of neurological and orthopedic diseases. This platform will also provide an opportunity to neuroscience education and research and to identify key areas for future research and development in basic and clinical neuroscience.

We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation and hope that you can be immensely benefited from this conference.



  • Understand and learn the successful experiences in patient care from one of the largest hospitals in Asia 
  • Network with international medical professionals, clinicians, researchers and leading scientists
  • Examine the significance of novel approaches to the medical and surgical management in an evidence-based manner


  • Current concepts in Spinal surgery 
  • Management of vascular disorders of brain and spine 
  • Orthopedic management of cerebral palsy 
  • Hip disorders in Children 
  • Management of common orthopedic problems in pediatric practice


Specialty physicians
General Practitioners